Will Citizen Photojournalists Jump At A 12-Megapixel Compact?

Panasonic has just announced the launch of its new LUMIX DMC-FX100, a compact digital camera that packs a remarkable 12.2 megapixel resolution.lumix.jpg

The camera also includes a range of other goodies, including 3.6x optical zoom, Image Stabilization and fast photo burst.

The price wasn’t announced but with the 7.2 megapixel version selling for $400, it’s not likely to be much cheaper than a Nikon D40.

So who needs it?

Not photographers shooting micro-stock. Their photos tend to be bought by website publishers who use images so small the megapixel count barely matters.

Nor are professional photographers likely to use it as their main workhorse. A compact is never going to give them the flexibility they need.

And the average snapper looking to take family pictures and vacation scenes is unlikely to notice the difference between a 12-megapixel photo and a 7-megapixel photo. He is however, likely to spot the difference in price. Although that won’t stop some people from buying it anyway.

And anyone who does buy it will have the perfect tool for citizen photojournalism: a digital camera that they can take anywhere, which can produce images with a high enough resolution for photo buyers, and which can shoot rapidly changing scenes without losing the picture to blur.

For anyone thinking of setting themselves up as an independent photojournalist then, this could well be the right camera. Now all they need to do is be in the right place at the right time.

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