Who is a Photopreneur?

A photopreneur could be a photographer with entrepreneurial spirit. A photopreneur might also be an entrepreneur with a passion for photography.

Many opportunities exist in the world of photography, with buyers and sellers alike, looking for innovative ways to tap into available resources. A photopreneur recognizes the opportunities and creates:

  • A way to increase awareness of their photographic work;
  • New combinations of how to display their work;
  • Collaborates with media planners or media buyers on projects;
  • Takes their portfolio to another level of quality shoots and quantity of sales;
  • Networks with other photographers, sharing and learning from each other;

Capturing the spirit of entrepreneurialsm, combining it with a talented eye, and unleashing the result across the globe – that’s a photopreneur. Are you a Photopreneur?

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  1. Lau Said:

    I am, or I'm starting to be. Allot of good articles here, which by the way, I mentioned in my http://www.photoaxe.com/what-should-i-do-to-start-a-successful-photogrpahy-stock-business/.
    Keep it going!

  2. Tony Said:

    Thank you very much for confirming to me that I am indeed a Photopreneur! I believe I fulfil your 'specs', 4 out of 5 at least...
    One year on and I have made a humble profit from selling my work and several portrait commissions and a recent front page shot in local newspaper! I also have a small community of learners on http://fabphotos4all.socialgo.com/

    Best wishes for 2010.

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