What Can Twitter Do For You?

Who would have thought that blogs would become so important to photographers? After all, we’re supposed to be able to say everything we need to say with pictures. And yet, as our post on Rich Legg showed, a good blog can not only entertain friends and family, it can also act as a showcase for photographers looking to sell their work.twitterific
That was why when Twitter won the SXSW Web Awards, we started thinking how that piece of technology could be useful to photographers too.

At first glance, it doesn’t seem to be useful at all. Twitter lets members text a message of up to 140 characters on their cell phones or computers to a generic number. That message is then relayed to all of their Twitter “friends” and posted on their Twitter web page. You can think of it as a kind of mini-blog. Instead of offering your news and views though, you’re limited to just your news.

And there are no pictures.

So how can that be of use to photographers?

Well, Twitter is great at letting people know what you’re up to any specific moment in time. So when you find yourself sitting at the top of a mountain with the most perfect view on your camera screen, you could let your friends know where you are — and let other photographers know where they can find a good shot.

At the same time you can create anticipation among buyers by telling them that you’ll be putting the photo online in the evening.

And of course, you can issue an announcement when the picture goes up too.

That’s not all you can do though. Professional photographers on assignments can issue updates on the progress of the shoot so that clients — and other potential buyers — can understand that it’s all going smoothly and well.

Photography lovers can share their views on the latest photography exhibitions as they’re walking through the gallery.

And gadget fans can publicize their excitement when they try out their latest toys — or point out that it’s been a big disappointment.

I’m sure there’s a lot more that photographers can do with Twitter, so if you think of any, share them here.
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  1. Dorin Cucicov Said:

    You can as well use twitter to exchange useful links with a lot of photographers and photoblogs like DPS.

    And also you can announce when you have new pics to show, or receive feedback.

    I think twitter is a great tool for everybody.

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