Sold One? Sell More — Upselling For Amateur Photographers

Selling a photo is a great feeling. All of a sudden, those images that you’ve been taking for fun, the skill that you’ve developed and the talent that you knew you had have all been endorsed.

The market loves you.

But if selling one picture is fun, just think how big your smile is going to be when you sell lots of pictures.

That’s likely to happen anyway. If you’re talented enough to sell one picture, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll produce more pictures that people will want to buy. But there are things that you can do to encourage your buyers to buy more of your photos more of the time.

The easiest method is to take a leaf out of the traditional marketer’s book and offer a bulk discount. Three photos for the price of two can quickly turn a single purchase into a multiple buy at the moment of sale.

Or you could create a time-limited offer. Borders bookstore is doing this now for their customers but there’s no reason it couldn’t work for photographers. Every time a buyer picks up one of your images, tell them that if they buy another within the next two weeks, you’ll give them a discount.

The only problem with that approach is that a buyer often has limited demand. He might not believe that he’ll need another photo within the next couple of weeks. But you might be able to create demand by offering similar photos to the one you’ve sold. Emphasize that those images could be used for follow-up stories or for marketing and you might sell a few more photos right away.

When you make a sale, by all means, smile. And then try to sell another one (more photos = more smiles).

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  1. Brittany Said:

    Hello, I am an amateur, but I have some awesome shots from OccupyPhiladelphia. If anybody is writing a book about occupy, I have some great shots that I am willing to sell. 🙂

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