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Academy of Art University - San FranciscoPrivate, big and accredited, ZEBETA no rx. Graduates include Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers Deanne Fitzmaurice, BUY ZEBETA NO PRESCRIPTION. Taking ZEBETA,

Brooks Institute of Photography - Santa BarbaraA for-profit corporation, offers four programs, ZEBETA mg, ZEBETA coupon, including Professional Photography, Visual Journalism and Visual Communication, online buying ZEBETA. ZEBETA photos,

ColoradoThe Art Institute of Colorado - DenverEstablished as a private arts and crafts college in 1952. Offers Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in photography, ZEBETA used for. Herbal ZEBETA,

District of Columbia

The Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University - WashingtonOffers a Professional Photography Certificate that teaches basic camera techniques, workflow and lighting among other skills, buy cheap ZEBETA no rx.


The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale - Fort Lauderdale BUY ZEBETA NO PRESCRIPTION, A private, accredited college that boasts an employment rate in an related field of over 90 percent within six months of graduation. Discount ZEBETA,

International Academy of Design & Technology - TampaA nationwide, accredited arts school, ZEBETA canada, mexico, india. ZEBETA from mexico, The Tampa campus offers an Associate’s degree in Digital Photography.

Miami International University of Art & Design - MiamiPart of The Art Institutes network and offering a BFA in Photography, kjøpe ZEBETA på nett, köpa ZEBETA online. Doses ZEBETA work,

GeorgiaThe Art Institute of Atlanta - AtlantaAtlanta’s branch of The Art Institute network.


Harrington College of Design - ChicagoLocated in the Loop and focused on interior design, Harrington College also offers a Digital Photography program, BUY ZEBETA NO PRESCRIPTION. Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago, buying ZEBETA online over the counter, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, The Illinois Institute of Art - SchaumburgIllinois hosts two branches of The Institute of Art: one in Chicago and the other in Schaumberg.


Maine Media WorkshopsMaine Workshop offers workshops that range from classes on creating your photo book to shooting Rajasthan, ZEBETA trusted pharmacy reviews. ZEBETA pictures, Classes can be expensive but the variety is huge... and so is the fun, purchase ZEBETA online.


Brown College - Mendota Heights BUY ZEBETA NO PRESCRIPTION, Brown College offers a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Photography with specializations that include fashion, fine arts and freelance among


Missouri Photo WorkshopsSponsored by Nikon, the Missouri Photo Workshops takes place over six days and aims to teach photojournalism and story-telling.

New Hampshire

McIntosh College - DoverMcIntosh College teaches professional photography and even offers dorm rooms in a converted hotel. But room service isn’t included.

New MexicoSanta Fe Workshops - Santa FeCreative workshops that range in time and location, and include courses for both hobbyists and professionals.

New York

Briarcliffe College - BethpageBriarcliffe is a small, private college offering an Associate’s degree in Digital Photography.

School of Visual Arts - New York CityOne of the country’s finest art schools with both graduate and undergraduate degrees in photography, BUY ZEBETA NO PRESCRIPTION.

International Center of Photography - New York CityA photography museum offering full-time and continuing education classes in subjects ranging from lighting to photojournalism.


Antonelli College - CincinnatiAntonelli College offers an Associate of Applied Business Degree in Photography but only at its Cincinnati campus. Institute of Photography and Technology - DaytonThe Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology focuses on photography and provides professional skills. It also offers both day and night classes.

OregonMarylhurst University - Marylhurst BUY ZEBETA NO PRESCRIPTION, A private, Catholic university with a long history and a BFA that includes a photography concentration. Students can be full-time or working professionals.

PennsylvaniaThe Art Institute of Philadelphia - Philadelphia, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - PittsburghPennsylvania has two branches of The Art Institute: in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.


Nossi College of Art - GoodlettsvilleNossi focuses on the business side of photography, offering a degree in Commercial Digital Photography. The curriculum includes camera techniques, lighting and basic and advanced Photoshop with the aim of guiding students to entry-level industry positions or the knowledge to freelance.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island School Of Design - Rhode IslandOne of the most respected arts schools in the country, RISD boasts a who’s who of alumni and faculty, and offers both degree programs and business-oriented continuing education classes.

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126 comments for this post.

  1. Ken Said:

    New York
    Rochester Institute of Technology

    University of Missouri at Columbia

    Western Kentucky University

    Ohio State University
    Ohio University

  2. Diane Said:

    This list is exactly what I have been looking for! Harder to find then one might think! I am wondering what you think about The Hallmark school in Massachusetts? I also heard there was one in Oklahoma, do you know anything about that?

  3. John Said:

    What about the california college of arts?
    Is that any good?

  4. Steve Said:

    Colorado Mountain College, I am currently attending and the photo program is up-to-date and STRONG!

  5. alex Said:

    Don't forget

    New England School of Photography

    or NESOP

    in boston!!!!

  6. West Said:

    Also check out Art Center College of Design in Pasadena

  7. Eldon Said:

    Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula Montana.

  8. Leigh Said:

    Portfolio Center
    Creative Circus
    both located in Atlanta GA.
    These are two of the best advertising schools in the country...

  9. joe wantoch Said:

    school of the museum of fine arts, boston

  10. Karen Said:

    Both my son and my nephew attended the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts within the last 3 years and loved it. They've both landed excellent jobs in commercial photography and their employers commented that they'd never seen recent grads with such high-quality portofolios (which were created while at Hallmark). It's an intense 10 months of coursework covering both the artistic and the business side of photography and students learn using the latest in digital equipment. From a parent's perspective, it was money very well spent!

  11. jame Said:

    Don't forget about CCCS - College of Creative Studies in Michigan...heard it's awesome.

  12. Shannon Said:

    What about Savannah College of Art and Design? What do you all think about that school?

  13. Gail Said:

    Its Schaumburg not Schaumberg - reason why link doesnt work either

  14. Rose Said:

    I go to SCAD, and I would say that the program is pretty decent. The location and administration can be overly frustrating. Of course, it mostly depends on your choice of teachers and your budget.

  15. Katie Said:

    Santa Fe NM has the Santa Fe Community College with excellent staff and facilities, great for the Associates in FA, AA or AAA. Also College of Santa Fe runs a great Documentary Program!

  16. Judith Said:

    SCAD - Savannah College of Art & Design is a great photo school for Commercial and Fine Art, graduate programs too. Atlanta, Savannah and LaCoste/France.

  17. Patrick McHugh Said:

    I studied at School of Visual Arts and Parsons School of Art and Design in New York City. Both schools emphasize Art and Commerce and they are both amazing because the faculties tend to be working professionals in NYC. Also students can often 'fall' into jobs part time because you are right in the thick of the action. I recommend both schools.

  18. CR208 Said:

    Do you know of any schools in Arizona, Scottsdale area?

  19. Madison V Said:

    I'm looking for a larger college but one with more medium-small classes if possible. I don't like extreme colds and long winters, I live in Iowa and would really like to get away from below zero winters for a while. I'm looking into more freelance photography and hopefully involving travel, I love going anywhere new in the world and travel a lot already. I average a 3.5 gpa and have plenty of references and experience. Any ideas?

  20. Surender S Negi Said:

    After 14 years of working as strategic sourcing as my professional, I would like to pursue my hobby, "photography" into my profession.
    I live in India and will apprecaite if anyone guide me with some of the best colleges for photography mainly fashion or travel related.

  21. Zainab Said:

    Hello. I'm really interested in the Hallmark Institute of Photography up in MA, or even NESOP in Boston. I was wondering if any of you knew any good Photography schools/Art institutes in New Hampshire aside from the McIntosh College?

    Also in Springfield, Illinois?
    and Austin, Texas?

    I'm trying to keep my options open. I would really appreciate the help. Thank you.

  22. emile Said:

    Hi, i'm french and i don't really know wish photography school would be the best for me.
    I've been doing some research for a week or two on the internet but i ralized that this hard to know what are the most renowed schools for photography in the USA.
    If someone is able to help me that would so nice, because right now i feel kind of lost in my research!!! thanks =)

  23. Chris Said:

    There is also The Art Institute of Indianapolis in Indiana. They have degrees in Digital Photo.

  24. Ellen Said:

    The Savannah College of Art and Design has an amazing faculty and offers BFAs and MFAs in Photography. They also have campuses in Atlanta and in France and have just announced that they are establishing one in Hong Kong.

  25. emile Said:

    Thanks a lot I checked " the Savannah College" it seems great!!
    What about Brooks insitut I saw there website it seems great too, do you know anything about that school? It looks like it is really expansive?!!

  26. liselo Said:

    I have to say, Brooks in California really impressed me with their courses different specialties they offer in photography. Is is expensive though, but aren't most art school schools!

  27. Pat Crowe Said:

    Nobody has mentioned the Rochester Institute of Technology. I went there and believe it is one of the best. I'm finishing my Masters at the Savannah College of Art & Design.

  28. Nate at Plasticprinters Said:

    I would add Dakota County Tech in Mn. I took some photo classes there, and have done websites for many photographers out of the program and they are great. They have some great instructors and they are much more affordable than Brown, allowing students to spend some of that hard earned money on some nice equipment versus higher tuition.


  29. Mayur Said:

    Hey, I am an Indian currently working as a Software Engineer in Singaore. WIth my evergrowing interest in photography and travel i couldnt resist changing my profession. Most of the schoold in US are offering courses in Digital Photography. Which one to follow is big question considering money matters and job opportunities. I fell in love with Brooks Insitute but they are asking for Hefty amount.Any one out there to help me out???

  30. Jenn Said:

    You forgot Randolph Community College of North Carolina. Their photo department is top notch with excellent facilities and highly eperienced and passionate instructors.

  31. Poonam Said:

    Hi i am from mumbai, India.. I am an undergraduate student and i am more interested in pro photography provided a degree course wit not a fat amt of fees.. How about NYIP? Can someone Plz help me out and suggest me a good institute to learn photography from? Thank u..

  32. Lynnette Said:

    Hard to believe you left out RIT in Rochester NY

    The University of the Arts, Drexel and Tyler, all in Philadelphia, have far superior photography programs than the Art Institute.

  33. Kenneth Vigh Said:

    Checkout the Art Academy of Cincinnati for the Communication Arts & Photography curriculum.

    No Problem!!

  34. Alaa Hajjar Said:

    I leave in Syria how can you help me to learn photography online or in any different way

  35. Xavier Said:

    The Miami Ad School (easily the best ad school in the country) has an excellent digital photography program.

    School locations in Miami, San Francisco and Minneapolis.
    (also in Spain, Germany, Brazil, etc for Quarter Away)

  36. photography schools Said:

    Photography is my passion. i was looking for top schools to improve my skills in photography. this list seem to be helpful! thanks for this great list! ill soon get into one of these photography schools.

  37. Stephen Said:

    Does ASU (Arizona State) have a good photography or graphic desing school?

  38. Michelle Yongue Said:

    Does anyone know what is the better school for photography Antonelli in Cincinnati or Ohio Institute of Photography Technology in Dayton?

  39. William Beem Said:

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned Daytona State College (formerly DBCC), which has had an outstanding photography school in Daytona, FL for decades.

  40. Don Couch Said:

    I, too, am surprised not to see DBCC's SouthEast Center for Photo/Graphic Studies on the list.

  41. Jill Said:

    I graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a Bachelor of Art in Photography. The professors are fantastic and are incredibly knowledgeable in their fields, most of them only being adjunct faculty members and working as photographers full time. The labs and resources are great - They still teach conventional photography (which I personally feel is a must) but also have an excellent digital lab.

  42. Jessica Said:

    Daytona State College is a great place to study photography and it should be on that list, the teachers are great and they teach you everything you need to know.

  43. Jessica Said:

    is there any schools in virginia or around?

  44. jDubbyah Said:

    Come to the UK and study at Coventry's new undergraduate program ! I just co-wrote the course and it's right up to date. Twitter CU_Photography or jDubbyah

  45. Lauren Said:

    I recently flew to Savannah and looked at SCAD. It's where i've been planning on attending for over a year now. but when we went and looked at the location for the first time it sort of changed my mind a bit. It's still definitely one of my top options but what i found out was, there is no campus, so if you're looking for that legit college feel it may be a little hard to get. The college basically takes over the whole downtown, which is sort of neat. You can only take a maximum of three classes for the first two or three quarters. When we took a taxi to the hotel he was telling us to stay out of this area and that area, and the admissions department told me that i could never walk around alone at night. so that was a bit sketchy. especially because i am independent and if i wanted to go for a late night coffee run and my roommate was asleep i basically couldn't. aaand the over all cost of tuition and room was pretttty dang high once they finally added it all up. there aren't many locals really either, which my parents thought was a little weird. the town is consisted of tourist and college kids. but why not locals? i wanted that "aww this is where i'm suppose to be feeling" when we landed, but i didn't get it. so i have to start my college search all over again and widen my options before i make a decision.
    oh and i live an hour away from Brooks. what i've heard is it also is located all over downtown. its fairly expensive indeed, and you can't get your G.E. there. it's a trade school. but it is a very good photography indeed and highly recommended.

  46. Radoslav Said:

    Great listing, but can anyone recommend strong online programs / courses in professional digital photography?

  47. John Said:

    The Art Insitute of Colorado has an AMAZING photography program! The facitilies are expansive and the students have access to over $1million in equipment, almost like a hardlines library! Plus they are an accredited school... This is definitly where I am going...

  48. Kate Said:

    check out Boston University's College of Communication. Their photojournalism program is outstanding. Sean Elliot, VP of the NPPA graduated from BU, as did Tyler Hicks-award winning photographer for the New York Times.

  49. tim Said:


    Webster University

    BFA and BA Photo programs.

  50. Dan Said:

    New York Institute of Photography has been sending me a lot of e-mail traffic about their on-line course. Anybody know anything good or bad about this "school"?

  51. Lisa D Said:

    So...nothing in Washington State?

  52. johnjohn Said:

    Randolph Community College In
    Asheboro North Carolina
    Has A Two Year Assoc.Degree In
    Many Photography Areas, Commercial, Wedding,
    News,More... Lots Of Cameras, Film,Digital.

  53. April Sue Seiler Said:

    I have to say as an A.S.Graduate in Photography you left out Daytona State College. The professors are awesome...the facility is new and very complete and they also have the Southeast Museum of Photography which has great artist that come and give lectures just check out the site... this school really is a great one for the cost and the 2 year you can convert into the 4 year degree to University of Central Florida.

  54. April Sue Seiler Said:

    As far as the NYIP before Daytona State College formerly Daytona Beach Community College I did pay for the course with NYIP and loved the course work books you got but for me the hands on approach and attention you get at Daytona State College was 100 times better.

  55. Carolyn Said:

    are there any more schools in california??

  56. jen Said:

    There are many art schools in CA. From the north to the south. Just look online. I went to the Academy of Art of San Francisco great for photography, but they will push you in a good why and plan on spending a lot of money on supplies. I will say that each of the art schools are stronger in different areas of photography then others. I would try to stick with schools that have working professionals and make sure you look over the work of the teachers to see if you like it as well.

  57. corinne Said:

    looking for schools in maryland/dc area. any suggestions? too many schools listed online with reviews only from themselves! yikes!

  58. Am Said:

    I am taking the nyip course. I really like it. Very useful info. It will teach you what you need to know but you may also want to consider some non credit courses through your local college in the beginig to get you started. That will help you understand aperture and shutter speed basic stuff and the nyip will take you further.

  59. Jessica Said:

    I really love taking photos. Just cetching a moment in time is amazing to look back on latter in life and with every pictcher not only has a thosand words but it holds a memory.

  60. Mary Said:

    I think you should add Savannah College of Art and Design to the list. "SCAD": to the list it has a really comprehensive art and photography program offering, including film, fashion, web photography besides offering traditional art design courses.

  61. Cherith Said:

    I am really trying to find an online photography/photojournalism degree. I am a little worried about the online schools, but am limited to them. Any recommendations?

  62. Aaron Said:

    I am interested in CDIA, has anybody hear anything about it or been there? I would like to hear from some students if your out there! Thanks!

  63. Wayne Said:

    I dont believe that texas were not on lists.. how sad.. but here is lists,,,,,

    Texas Tech University, University of texas, University of houston, University of North texas, Sam Houston state university, Texas A&M at commerce, Stephen F.Austin university, University of Tecas at San antonio, and University of Texas at Dallas.

  64. Diana Said:

    My daughter plans to major in photography. She has been accepted in the School of Arts at Virginia Commonwealth U and at the University of the Arts in Phila.

    I prefer VCU but she want to go to Phila. Any ideas on which is better? I would like her to have a strong minor to fall back on.

  65. Danielle Said:

    Drexel University in Phillidelphia Pennsylvania

  66. Aditya Said:

    Thanks for the list of photography schools.

    Please correct the link of Brooks Institute of Photography – Santa Barbara to h


  67. Mindy Said:

    Just found this link - I agree with Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana, it was a wonderful experience.

  68. Ray Said:

    Hello, my name is Ray and I would like to know which photography school would be the best to go to please email me back @ [email protected], Thank You.

  69. Denise Said:

    Hello, Im form Argentina and I would like to take a short photography course in Boston or New York. Please reccommend me anywhere to go and study. Specially for students from abroad.

  70. Kimberly Said:


    Austin Community College ( in Austin Texas is amazing, and because it is a community college, it is cheap tuition! It is also completely digital.

    I am currently a student here and will graduate in August 2010. They offer 2 associate degrees, one in People/Portrait and one in Advertising/Fashion as well as 2 certificate programs (Digital Assistant and Photographic Artist). When I graduate I will have both the associates degrees. I've taken classes in Photoshop, Lightroom, restoration, digital compositing, Corel Painter, Macro/Close Up, Wedding, Landscape, Architecture, In studio and outdoor location Portraits, Commercial/Advertising in studio, Fashion, Portfolio Developement, Studio Management (everything you need to know to build a successful photography business), Marketing: Principles of Selling, and Accounting Basics.

    As you can see I am well educated and will have all the knowledge I will need to begin my business when I graduate. It is a wonderful program and I very highly recommend it! If you would like to see my website to see what I have learned...

    Good Luck! :)

  71. Lisa Said:

    Does anyone know anything about the photography program at Virginia Intermont College?

  72. Ken Said:

    what about The Art Institute (Ai)? what do you guys think of that school? it would be highly appreciated if you guys could comment. thanks!

  73. richard dayson Said:

    i am looking for great really great photography school in nature/outdoors classes

  74. Daidee Said:

    My daughter apply the 6 colleges, the major is photography, for the Parsons of new school (in NY) the MICA in Baltimore, the drexel University, the school of Visial art, which one is strong in the photogtaphy field?

    Please e-mail me back!

  75. Photo Buff Said:

    I highly highly recommend VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY's department of Photography and Film in the School of the Arts. I'm a curator and I've seen some amazing students graduate from there who are well-rounded in technique and theoretical concepts. A very strong program and definitely worth your money. VCU is ranked as the #1 public school of the arts in the country and Richmond is cheap to live in. It also has a vibrant arts community with lots of galleries and first friday arts events all year round. It's a state school so tuition is very little. Having an arts degree from VCU is a big + on your CV. Check out VCU photo film.

  76. Amy Said:

    hallmark institute of photography is a fantastic school. intense program with extremely rewarding benfits. i would say this is deffinetly one to look into!!!

  77. Esther Voluck Said:

    Can you recommemnd anything in Seattle or nearby...stay-at-home Mom, cant really travel...Thanks

  78. lucy Said:

    In there is also OTIS college of art and design.
    I don't believe anyone has mentioned it yet...

    Otis College of Art and Design
    9045 Lincoln Boulevard
    Los Angeles, California 90045
    Telephone 310 665 6800

  79. Lina Said:

    I can't believe they don't have Columbia College in Chicago listed. I've spoken to professional photographers that have even said they love to hire Columbia Students for internships. Plus they have 2 full-time teachers (that I know) that have been awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship. Plus Columbia teaches you the foundations of Photography. Harrington throws you right into digital and the work I've seen from their students are usually not technically good as they are digitally manipulated. So they never really learn how to take good pictures when you are not given the luxury of "doctoring" it up. Harrington is like the ITT Tech of Art Schools.

  80. Christopher Said:

    This list is a bunch of crock in my opinion. In Florida the top school in the state for photography is the Daytona State College Southeaster School of Photographic studies. It's Amazing, and as amazing as many of the others not mentioned by this list. I am amazed by the overwhelming shift toward private, and horrendously expensive, commercial franchise schools. Having attended one, I can say you get a drive through education like every other franchise.

  81. Amanda Said:

    can anyone tell me a good school near toledo ohio?

  82. Nicole Said:


    the Academy of Art University- San Fransisco sounds really intresting, and I went there once for my older brother and it was amazing! 😀

  83. Sami Said:

    I attend the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD and although the tuition is pretty steep their Photography program is top notch!

  84. Jim Miotke Said:

    No need to leave home, or take years off of your day job, or risk multi-thousand-dollar student loans.

    Here's the best online option:

    Full disclosure: I'm the owner :)

    We also have a Certification Program:

    Whichever way you go, remember to start your school-of-hard-knocks education TODAY! Grab your camera right now and go make some pictures. Don't wait.

    Jim Miotke

  85. Lala72 Said:

    It's amazing how many administrators from schools come here to post. You want us to believe those posts for Columbia College in Chicago are real? They read just like ad copy.

  86. kenysha shah Said:

    i want to learn photography and want to make career in it. i am basically from india and i want some bachelors program. i can give 3-4 years for the course. so please if anyone can suggest me some good university or college. i want to do it in USA only.

  87. immalilgirl Said:

    Umm.. what certificates or stuff do you need to get into these universities?

  88. Alan Said:

    I can't believe Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, wasn't on the list. One of the best Photo Schools in the World!

  89. Kathleen Said:

    How about the totally FREE school of Personal Experience! You can't get a more solid and substantial education. It takes longer but the rewards are incalculable.

  90. Colleen Said:

    As mentioned by a few other posters, check your local community colleges for a lower cost option. I attended Seattle Central Community College, which has a two year AA Commercial Photography program that was just as good as the program offered at the Seattle Art Institute, at a lower price.

    In the Seattle area, Green River Community College also offers photography courses, as does Photo Center NW.

  91. David Arthur Said:

    I've looked into Hallmark. It's "Portrait" based and, they'll also have you put together a mediocre web site. It's expensive to live in that area, so realistically add another 2K per month for 10 months. Now, what they don't tell you until you already get enrolled and committed, is that they want you to but all new equipment from them. They want you to learn on a medium format camera, that will be digital. READY FOR THE SHOCKER... The digital back to it will cost an additional 30K. Don't worry though
    (especially if your parents are paying for it). They will make sure you can finance it through their programs. So you will pay around 100k to come out of a program that only prepares you to be a working assistant (grunt). Does that sound like a great option? Well, not to me, thank you Hallmark! David Arthur

  92. John Said:

    I would definitely recommend and add to the above list Proud Photography. Never thought that online photography course can be that effective. Loved it! Done NYIP as well, but the response from them was just too slow and generic.

  93. Krista Said:

    I went to the New Hampshire Institute of Art for my first year and now looking at other options. Its a really great school and its small and private, its also relatively cheap. I just felt like it focused way more on other things than on photography, and I do understand that you need to be a well rounded artist but I felt like there were way to many other courses they made you take in order to pass your freshman year. I felt like it was all english and math and regular courses and you still have to continue with engligh throughout school I'm pretty sure. The facilities are good but I think that it wasn't a big enough lab space for all the people that were in the classes.

  94. Mollie Said:

    I've been researching various photography schools in MA, but only New England School of Photography has appealed to me. While Hallmark Institute of Photography teaches students all the same material so that each student graduates with the SAME portfolio, it seems that New England School of Photography encourages students to pursue their specific interest and produce a solid photography portfolio. In addition, Hallmark seems a bit really think in 10 months you'll have the sufficient skills to be a professional photographer?

  95. Kim Said:

    I'm currently attending Randolph community College in Asheboro, NC and so far it is great. You don't have to buy a medium format, you can check them out at school for projects and you have several concentrations to choose from: Portrait studio management, commercial, biocomm, photojournalism. Tuition is very affordable, plenty of places to move to close to the college, and the school also has tons of lenses you can check out once you get into digital photography classes. You do have to to buy a digital camera, light meter, flash, spotting brush, RC glossy paper and lots of it, dry mount tissue, and tons of mat board. I'm probably leaving stuff out since it's my first semester but definitely check that one out.

  96. Bob McGowan Said:

    As the marketing representative for Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana, I'd like to ask for us to be added to your comprehensive list of photography schools. As you have suggested, I am posting this to inform your readers that we provide a unique and viable option with our intensive Career Training program for those interested in obtaining quality professional training in a compressed period of time...which we have been offering for over 20 years now.

    We also offer a variety of instructional courses in our Workshops and Weekends courses geared toward the photography enthusiast.

    We invite them to visit our website at if interested, and wish everyone the best of luck in their search for a program that fits their needs!

  97. Kona Said:

    Hi, can anyone tell me which school in Tucson, Arizona has the best photography?

    pls e-mail me @ [email protected]

  98. Janies Said:

    Hi, can anybody tell me something about Moore college of art & desingh in Philadelphia ?

  99. Shaukat L Said:

    Hi, looking for a summer program during July 2011 and have shortlisted the DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY, "The Art of Faces & Places"
    Does anyone have feedback on this course?

  100. Sana Chaudhry Said:

    I found online that the University of Pheonix has a good General Arts programme that includes Photography!

  101. Judith P Said:

    SCAD - Savannah College of Art & Design, campus in Savannah, Atlanta, LaCoste (France), and Hong Kong - one of the best art schools.

  102. Denver Photographer Said:

    Ditto on the Colorado Mountain college program, I've seen a few really great photog's come out of there.

  103. Tina Bean Said:

    Great resource page. I see you're missing this one:

  104. Aperture Academy Said:

    Aperture Academy offers both in-field camera instruction and digital darkroom courses in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. All our Photoshop and Lightroom classes are geared toward improving your images while keeping quality and realism.

    During our in-field photography workshops students receive comprehensive digital photography instruction by award-winning photography instructors. We take students to photograph some of the most scenic and pristine locations in the world!

  105. Potter Said:

    Suprised Parsons, NYC is not on this list??

  106. Bahamida Said:

    Hello, Im form Algeria and I would like to take a photography course in the "USA"
    i want to learn photography and want to make career in it
    i don't really know witch photography school would be the best for me
    I've been doing some searching on the internet but i lost a bit
    is hard to find a good and reasonable price, "i mean not really expansive" photography school in the USA
    Photography is my passion i realy want to be professional,so please Any one out there to help me out???
    plz e-mail me @ [email protected]
    thank youuuuuuuu.......................

  107. Michigan Wedding Photographer Said:

    There is also :

    Michigan -

    CCS / College For Creative Studies in Detroit.

  108. Dee Said:

    Does anybody know much about photography programs (courses) in England? Any suggestions?


  109. Janet Said:

    Try Hartford Art School at University of Hartford in West Hartford, CT. You get a BFA .

  110. Nilesh Patel Said:

    Hello, Im form India and I would like to take a photography course in the "USA"
    i want to learn photography and want to make career in it
    i don't really know witch photography school would be the best for me
    I've been doing some searching on the internet but i lost a bit
    is hard to find a good and reasonable price, "i mean not really expansive" photography school in the USA
    Photography is my passion i realy want to be professional,so please Any one out there to help me out???

  111. : Wedding Photography Denver Said:

    Hi Alex. Thanks for tell us about these photography schools. Its really a very important information. we can choose best school from hare.

  112. Bill Gratton Said:

    What criteria was used in determining this list???

    LOTS of REALLY good schools missing from this list.

    MOST (if not all) of these schools are part of large for-profit corporations. While this does not mean they are a bad school, it might reflect the source of this list.

    Many of these schools are indeed very good, but there are several very suspicious selections on this list...

  113. Kelsey Said:

    Im a freshman in high school. And I know it may be early to be looking for colleges, but I just want to keep my options open.
    I was just wondering if anyone knew a good school for nature photography and like portraits?

  114. Alison Said:

    New England School of Photography in Boston, MA offers a two-year Professional Photography Program with ten different major/minor concentrations. The program balances the technical, artistic and business elements of photography and has an impressive list of graduates working as successful professional photographers. In addition, the school offers evening workshops for photo hobbyists, enthusiasts or professionals seeking to update their skills and stay inspired. Intensive education, supportive community, great environment.

  115. The Studio Said:

    VCU !!!

    The School of the arts. I'm under the impression through other student that several art schools are build on around the assumption. If you want a degree from them there is just one submission to get into your degree. Which might be fine. I when to VCU the school of the art with film as a major. Which their are 3 submission levels to go through to get a degree from VCU the first was greeting excepted with art work and letter and grades. the second get excepted to the school of the arts, which was just art work of specific criteria and there's only one slot a year for only so many applicants. The third was which ever major you applied to, there would be just art work specific to the major Ex.(photography film graphic design) And excepting so many applicants, graphic design only 50 students 25 for film and 25 for photography.

    And many had to change majors or try again next year or just transfer and leave the school.

    And the computation was something out of these TV computation shows like . You would have to continue improvement or they kick you out 3.4 or higher it was close to dean's list, which was funny case just about everyone was on dean's list in all the majors

  116. sabrina Said:

    How about SFAI -

    I am interested in Commercial (Architectural, Food, Travel) photography. I am looking for a graduate program, prefer California schools.

    I have looked Brooks but some people said it used to be the best school.

  117. David Said:

    The Art Center Center College of Design in Pasadena California.

  118. Ayesha Said:

    am looking for a best photography graduate program... i have researched alot and liked some of them but i really want some people who have done their masters for the universities that they recommend the best or have been studying in those courses which will be a good blend of practical and theory ... inspiring teachers...
    i have read a lot of programs and about colleges culture... but what i really am interested is that is their any course out their that just challenging enough and with such posituve environment tht one would be satisfied once ur done with the program... some course that do justice when you say that ur mastered in photography.

  119. David Said:

    I recommend checking out the Photo assistant boot camp
    offered by
    James of 1prophoto has been running this workshop for the past 11 years.
    Probably the best thing about this workshop is the amount of information provided in 2 days, "seriously intense".
    James is also a really great instructor; making sure that everyone's questions were answered and that the entire class was comfortable with the information he was imparting to us.
    The other thing I liked was that we didn't have to sit and listen to a bunch of sales reps talking about photo equipment we could never offered.

    I don't know about others experiences but I was able to get work 3 days after taking the workshop by following the marketing advice I learned from the how to be a photo assistant eBook that I got at the workshop.

  120. Robert Johnson Said:

    I've heard good things about Kaplan College in Dayton Ohio if you are interested in Commercial Photography

  121. Mathieu Perry Said:

    I am currently graduating from Northwest College in Powell, WY and it is one of only two schools in the U.S. that Brooks accepts transfer students from. The school is a hidden gem.

  122. Nick with Gift Cards USA Said:

    I would agree with Nate above. Dakota County Tech in MN has great photography classes, and it's way affordable because it's a small tech school.


  123. Josh schaedel Said:

    Just curious to know where Art Center College of Design landed on this list?

  124. Libby Funke Said:

    I work at Nossi College of Art. I just "stumbled" upon your site and noticed that, under Tennessee, Nossi College was listed (Thanks!!). I want to make you aware of some really great updates to the information you have listed. Three years ago, we moved into a brand new campus that was designed and built specifically as an art college. It is located in Nashville, not Goodlettsville. Also, about four years ago we added a Bachelor degree in Photography and Videography. Our website address has changed to
    Thank you for listing us!

  125. Shikha Singh Said:

    Hey, I am an Indian currently working as a Software Engineer in Hyderabad. I am an amateur shooter and suddenly decide to try and make my career out of my passion in photography . Most of the school in US are offering courses in Digital Photography. Which one to follow is big question considering money matters and job opportunities. I fell in love with Brooks Insitute but they are asking for Hefty amount.Any one out there to help me out, and what are the most rewarding careers in photography and their related programms.

  126. Photographer Said:

    It is true that The Art Institutes has a great reputation and a long tradition of education in photography and other design areas, but I agree that Academy of Art University is one of the best choices to learn photography in California.

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