BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION, Does anyone still believe that the camera never lies. With Photoshop, PROSOM description, PROSOM alternatives, you can now make a picture speak any thousand words you want, and it will take a cynical attitude and a skilled eye to tell whether any of them is true, doses PROSOM work. Get PROSOM, While that might be a creative opportunity for artistic photographers and designers, for news editors, PROSOM class, Online buy PROSOM without a prescription, it can all be a bit of a nightmare -- and for readers too when the photos skip the newspapers and land straight in your mailbox.

Here are seven of the most famous photoshop fakes, PROSOM blogs. PROSOM canada, mexico, india, Tourist Guy


Photography: Péter Guzli

Perhaps the creepiest Photoshop fake was this shot of Hungarian tourist, Péter Guzli, PROSOM samples, Taking PROSOM, apparently standing on top of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 as one of the hijacked planes approaches, PROSOM duration.

This image did the rounds after the attacks with the claim that it was found in a camera pulled out of the rubble, BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION. Online buying PROSOM, In fact, Guzli had taken the picture in 1997 and made the edit for friends, online PROSOM without a prescription. Fast shipping PROSOM, Other people then made further edits placing him at every disaster from the sinking of the Titanic to the destruction of the White House by aliens on Independence Day.

The Smoke of War


Photography: Reuters/Adnan Hajj

Péter Guzli’s collage didn’t fool many people, PROSOM for sale, Order PROSOM online overnight delivery no prescription, nor was it intended to. Lebanese photographer Adnan Hajj’s shot of smoke billowing above Beirut following Israeli bombing in the summer of 2006 fooled the news desk at Reuters.., PROSOM price, coupon. BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION, but no one who had heard of Photoshop. Cheap PROSOM, The repeat patterns in the smoke made lots of people smell a rat and it turned out that Hajj had even copied some of the buildings. LittleGreenFootballs made a neat analysis of the work done on the image and was one of the first to sound a warning, where to buy PROSOM. PROSOM maximum dosage, The result was a scramble among photo agencies to clarify their photo editing policies.

Here’s the less smoky original:


Iraqi Civilians


Photography: Brian Walski/Los Angeles Times

Adnan Hajj was a local stringer trying to make a political point, purchase PROSOM online no prescription. Brian Walski was a staff reporter for the Los Angeles Times who just wanted to make a better picture -- a much more likely trap for both photographers and editors, BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION. PROSOM pharmacy, After shooting a series of shots of American troops and Iraqi civilians in 2003, Walski found that the best composition came by merging two images together, PROSOM forum. Order PROSOM from United States pharmacy, He was fired.


John Kerry And Jane Fonda


Photography: Owen Franken/ Ken Light

Usually, PROSOM no prescription, it’s the photographer who does the editing, either because he thinks he’ll get a better picture or because he believes it will deliver a stronger message. This fake cutting that circulated during the 2004 Presidential primaries was the work of neither of the two photographers whose images it featured. BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION, The shot of John Kerry was taken by Ken Light at the Register for Peace Rally in June 1971. Jane Fonda was photographed by Owen Franken as at a political rally in Miami Beach, Florida, in August 1972.

The collage was a dirty trick designed to derail John Kerry’s campaign.

Shirtless Sarkozy


Source: L'Express

So what’s the opposite of a dirty trick. French President Nicolas Sarkozy gave American photographers a scolding for intruding on his American vacation in the summer of 2007 but he wouldn’t have minded what the editors at Paris Match (owned by his friend, Arnaud Lagardere) did to his love handles. Rivals L’Express pointed out that the President had been given some Photoshop liposuction, BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION.

Oprah the Model


And Oprah Winfrey might not have complained about this August 1989 cover of TV Guide either. It’s Oprah’s head all right but according to the body belongs to actress Ann-Margret. Ann-Margret's fashion designer recognized the dress and spotted the fakery.

The Reichstag Flag


Not strictly speaking a Photoshop fake as the program wasn’t around during the Second World War, but just a reminder that playing with fake smoke and mirrors isn’t new to the modern era. BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION, Ukrainian photographer, Yevgeny Khaldei, didn’t just stage this photo of Soviet troops raising the flag over the Reichstag in 1945 (the first flag had gone up after dusk). He also heightened the smoke and removed the two watches from the wrists of the soldier on the lower left. Good Soviet soldiers don’t loot.

Here’s the original:


Photography: Yevgeny Khaldei

Tell us what Photoshop fakes you’ve spotted. (You can even learn to make your own fake photos here.)note: Thanks to Dan Zimmerman and others for pointing out that the soldier in Brian Walski's photo is British, not American. We're better at identifying cameras than guns.

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  1. Dan Zimmerman Said:

    "Iraqi Civilians" photo miss-quote:


    The bad quote:
    "After shooting a series of shots of American troops and Iraqi civilians in 2003,"

    The soldier in the photo is British not American. The camouflage pattern of his uniform and the SA80 assault rifle he's carrying are a dead giveaway.

    Dan Zimmerman

  2. Cindy (The 15 Minute Dating Blog) Said:

    Some of these I have seen them before, still it's very interesting to hear the story behind them. Great post!

  3. Jim Dwyer Said:

    Hey, are you the same Dan Zimmerman that I know???

  4. gj berg Said:

    There are also the famous re-touched photographs of the fire that "devastated" San Francisco in 1906. The photos were changed to show more "fire" damage than the reality of the earthquake damage that affected many structures that the fire just made worse (although some wooden structures were utterly destroyed).

  5. Dennis Said:

    UW-Madison tried to get away with it once, they photoshoped a black person into a application to 'reflect diversity.'

  6. Erfu Said:

    And of course, if 'staging' isn't allowed, then we must remember that the Iwo Jima flag-raising photo was staged, too.

  7. InRussetShadows Said:

    The Iwo Jima flag-raising photo was not staged in the same way that Palestianian war theater pics are staged -- meaning that they convey a fake reality. Iwo Jima happened and accurately reflected what had happened. Staged photographs attempt to portray something false as true. Nice try.

  8. cak Said:

    Surprised you missed the famous OJ Simpsons Time cover photoshop:

    There was another controversy of someone covering up Madonnas teeth gap on a cover of a magazine, couldn't find a pic.

  9. Dale Cruse Said:

    What about the upskirt shot of Gillian Anderson that fooled even her? That one still knocks me out.

  10. Dan Russell Said:

    Remember when Bush's people doctored a photo of troops to remove Bush/make it look like there are more troops?

  11. Pete Said:

    This one is good too :) A PLAYBOY girl photoshopped just a little too much...
    What's missing?:

  12. Greg Said:

    that soldier is British, not american!!!

  13. Tyler Said:

    The tourist one is kinda creepy.

  14. reason Said:

    you forgot the cover of OJ mug shot on Time back in 1994.

    or Benetton's Color Magazine's series of celebrities photoshopped to appear as their 'opposite'
    (Reagan with AIDS, Spike Lee as a Jew, Arnold as Black)
    Can't find any internet examples surprisingly.

  15. Tom Said:

    Cool article and everything, but I could go for some bigger pictures. It's kind of hard to catch the nuances of each photo when they are at this size.

  16. FlyingTigress Said:

    I recall that The National Geographic did some photo magic to 'move' one of the Pyramids (on the Giza Plateau) closer to the other two -- to improve the composition -- for one of its covers.

  17. Bill Said:

    You forgot the flag over Iwo Jima. Again not a photoshop fake, or even a faked photo, but it was staged as they raised a second flag when they missed the shot of the first.

  18. Jim Said:

    You could write a book with just Stalin's faked photos, particularly showing him sitting next to Lenin like good buddies (um, not), or with mysteriously removed persons... those who had been purged, and therefore, never existed.

    Were any Islamic Rage Boy photos faked? Or is he just at the front of every aggrieved-Pakistani riot?

  19. JimC214 Said:

    Actually they did get a pic of the first flag raising. The second flag was put up later as it was a bigger flag then the first.

  20. MAJ Gross Said:

    The Iwo picture in no way is a fake. Joe Rosenthal shot the first (famous) photo but thought he had missed it and it would just be a blur. They then composed the second picture. Which is no different from making sure everyone is lined up and can see the lens. It isn't faking. Joe didn't even know which photo would be published and was surprised to see it was the "action" photo that he thought wouldn't turn out.

  21. Jon Fraud Carry Said:

    You Left Wing moonbats crack me up. The Iwo Jima picture was not a fake. But it sure is fun for you Libtards to try to destroy anything good about America.

  22. Donut Said:

    "You Left Wing moonbats crack me up. The Iwo Jima picture was not a fake. But it sure is fun for you Libtards to try to destroy anything good about America."

    What cracks me up is people assuming the politics of a stranger with no clues to the reality, then being rude about it. Here's a challenge: try to say those sentences without being a jerk.

    And if challenging or questioning the powers that be is "moonbat"-ish or "Libtards" then I guess it's a good thing that our founders were moonbat Libtards. Had they been Good Citizens of the crown, we would not be the free country we are today.

  23. Uncle Jefe Said:

    They didn't even compose the second flag raising at Iwo Jima.
    They wanted a bigger flag that could be seen from the beaches, so the second flag simply replaced the first, smaller flag. It had nothing to do with what the photographers wanted or needed.
    As for the soldiers depicted in the 'Iraqi Civilians' photoshop, that is a Brit, not an American.

  24. Uncle Jefe Said:

    Yeah...the Founding Fathers were moonbat libtards. Talk about an Orwellian rewriting of history!!
    They were men who were willing to put their lives on the live for freedom, freedom that they believed was "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights".
    The left believes in trivial freedoms, and of course shuns any hint of the divine.
    The Founding Fathers are the antithesis of moonbattery.

  25. Jenn Said:

    Regarding the Fonda/Kerry piccy....Do you seriously think that was even necessary? I mean Kerry did an excellent job of derailing his own campaign by shoving his troop hating foot in his mouth repeatedly.

  26. Uncle Jefe Said:

    And oh by the way...the left has proven time and again that they are not willing to put their lives on the line for anyone else.
    Unlike our Troops, unlike our Founding Fathers.
    But they always seem ready to throw their support behind groups who are taking away others' freedoms...the Soviet Union, Castro's Cuba, Iraq's Saddam, Iran's Amadinnajacket, Venezuela's Chavez...

  27. HW Said:

    "And if challenging or questioning the powers that be is "moonbat"-ish or "Libtards" then I guess it's a good thing that our founders were moonbat Libtards."

    Wrong. Our founders were ALL deeply religious men of the one and only true God. You can twist it any way you want but our laws and freedoms are based ENTIRELY on God.
    Libs have no clue of God since they hate all that is just and right.
    Sure there were libs back then...they called them cowards.

  28. Frank Dux Said:

    This photo I found is great, this guy claims George Bush appeared in his Thanksgiving Turkey. Photoshop or Thanksgiving miracle? you be the judge...

  29. S. L. Short Said:

    I could tell the soldier was British because of his uniform; which is it's purpose.

  30. Floyd Said:

    The Oprah TV GUIDE cover wasn't a Photoshop; it was an illustration (though it was still controversial because it made it look like Oprah posed for that image).

  31. Uncle Jef's Dog Said:

    Uncle Jef said:
    "And oh by the way...the left has proven time and again that they are not willing to put their lives on the line for anyone else."

    Hmm, let's see...

    Dick Cheney, served in the military? nope.

    Rumsfeld, served in the military? nope.

    George W. Bush, served in the military? sorta, but managed to never actually appear for duty and suffered no consequences.

  32. Peter Said:

    The tourist guy photo is an obvious fake for another very obvious reason. Anyone who visited the WTC before 9/11 knows the outdoor observation deck was atop #2 WTC (the south tower). The photo looks north, toward the Empire State Building (visible in the pic). But #2 WTC was hit from the south by the hijacked plane.

  33. The Segashuator Said:

    I just dropped in to check out and enjoy the Photoshopped images but I can’t let the morons go unchallenged. Whether or not one believes that the flag-raising at Iwo Jima was staged (it really depends on how one defines “staged,” but there is no doubt that it’s a wonderful, inspiring photograph) has nothing to do with anyone’s politics. And while many of our Founders may have been religious men, many were also deists or agnostics, “free-thinkers” as they were known at the time. They were all much influenced by the Enlightenment, which is why there is no mention of any god in our Constitution, and the only mention of religion is in the First Amendment, forbidding Congress to establish a religion (in the way the Church of England is established) or to prohibit the free exercise of one. I wish the right-wing fanatics would just go pound sand, preferably in a Middle Eastern country where there is a lot of sand to pound.

  34. Hajir Said:

    "Libs have no clue of God since they hate all that is just and right.
    Sure there were libs back then...they called them cowards."

    What a nonsense. Don't tell me that the right-wing retards have any clues of God, justice or righteousness. And don't tell me these right-wing retards are brave by sending people's kids to die for their dreams of domination of the world.

  35. Donut Said:

    Thank you, Segashuator.

    I find it funny that I did not say the founders were liberals, I said they were willing to stand up to and question authority, which is now considered to be a "moonbat" trait by some loudmouths on the right who apparently do not know how to read properly much less American history or math - if half of America is Liberal and 80% of America is Christian, that means a LOT of Christians are liberal despite what FOX news tells you to think.

    And as Segashuator said, the US Constitution which has been practically shredded by the GOP, specifically does not mention God even once. You quoted the Declaration of Independence by mistake, and even that does not specify a Christian God.

    I'm sorry if you cannot understand when you are wrong. I agree that Iwo Jima was not staged, but I fail to see how thinking it was would be construed as either "anti-American" or Liberal.

    If anything, using your first amendment rights as something other than toilet paper - actually speaking out when our government does something wrong - is the most American thing you can do, but some of you only understood that when Clinton was in office.

    Now, if you can try to stay on subject, let's get back to discussing photography.

  36. old white guy Said:

    hajir. live free or die.

  37. gymgal Said:

    Oh the tired and true liberals, if we just love them enough they will love us back. Or, if we leave them alone they will leave us alone.

    Sorry, doesn't work.

  38. Egfrow Said:

    Don't forget the most recent one.
    China's Fake moon photo's

  39. Uncle Jefe Said:

    Idiocy abounds on the left, as embodied in the posts by donut, hajir, segashuator, et al...
    mostly by 'my dog', offering it's lame version of the 'chickenhawk' argument...
    Do you clowns know anything about the Constitution?
    About the men that wrote it?
    About their understanding of God's role vis a vis humanity and freedom?
    That freedom does include the right to be free from God, yes, but that the United States' freedoms and powers arise ultimately from God?
    They didn't exclude mention of God from the Constitution by commission; they understood that God was implied by what they were writing.

  40. Jeff R Said:


    >stand up to and question authority

    Do you remember what people who had the nerve to do that during the Clinton era were called? Black-Helicopter Conspiracy Nuts. Now that Bush is in office, it's all different, of course!

    >that means a LOT of Christians are liberal

    A LOT of Americans are suckers for propaganda, and the left have been masters of that for fifty years. The two most Christian groups in America are blacks and latinos, and the Dems have done everything in their power to convince them that each Rethuglican is a racist cross-burner.

    >the US Constitution which has been practically shredded by the GOP

    Oh, please. Is Bush quartering troops in your house? Has he arrested Douche Olbermann for speaking against him? Has he denied you (A CITIZEN) a fair trial?

    Oh, wait, WIRETAPPING! Of known _foreign_ terrorists calling their contacts in the US. The horror.

    >actually speaking out when our government does something wrong - is the most American thing you can do

    Oh, please. Again. What, are you afraid that the SS is going to take you away for having a BUSH SUX bumper sticker?

    If your words, mixed with those of millions, lead to the crippling of your nation, is that still patriotic? (NO)

    >but I fail to see how thinking it was would be construed as either "anti-American" or Liberal.

    You are the jerk who can't eat Thanksgiving dinner without reminding everyone about dead Indians.

  41. Merle Said:

    Only a liberal would twist protesting into the most patriotic action in the world.

    I contend that protesting is what people do when they have too much time on their hands and when they want to shut up people that don't agree with them.

    Real tolerant, those liberals...

  42. ELC Said:

    Joe Rosenthal's famous Iwo Jima photo was most certainly not staged. As others have already mentioned, the first flag was deemed to be too small, so it was replaced by another. (There is at least one photo showing the first flag coming down while the second was being raised, taken by another photographer, Bob Campbell.) The raising of that second, larger flag is the subject of the world-famous photo. Rosenthal took another photo shortly thereafter, that was "staged" in the sense that a bunch of the men on the hilltop at the time posed in front of the flag for the photographer. There is even a photo of Rosenthal taking that photo.

    It is a shame some people are so careless of facts in their desire to distort history for some reason unfathomable to me.

  43. Jim C. Said:

    Don't forget there is a real photograph of Kerry and Fonda both attending a different rally.

  44. JP Said:

    Iwo Jima was shot twice. the first time, it was the still frame shot and the flag is smaller. Thew officer who ordered the raising, ordered a larger flag to be raised, so once it got there, they dropped the flag (giving a scare to many of the U.S. troops who thought the hill had been retaken by the Japanese. When they raised it the second time, the movie cameraman had been able to set up for the shot. So yes. . .it was staged twice, by an officer trying to improve the morale of the men fighting at that moment.
    A far bigger fakery is using British soldiers in a scene to imply that U.S. troops are having Thanksgiving far from home, only because we are in Iraq. Forget that with all those bases around the world, ships floating in the seas, many are away whether in peace or war. Forget that once it was pointed out the same group (Move On? iirc) photoshopped pant legs onto the same photo, and expected that to go unnoticed.

    The Soviets were rather prone to 'shopping people out of photos back in the old days when it was much more work. Plenty of Stalin's Disappeared folk were officially removed from history by modifying any photos that had the unlucky within. Some photos lost large groups of people after his Purges.

  45. Bugs Said:

    "I contend that protesting is what people do when they have too much time on their hands..."

    I hope you're not talking about the Boston Tea Party. Always thought that was a pretty decent protest. You could even say the "Indians" were probably liberals, since they were protesting government favoritism toward a big business (i.e., tax breaks for the East India Company).

    On the other hand, I've always thought a good bit of the agitation back then was essentially conservative since it was against an overbearing central government arbitrarily levying taxes and otherwise intruding on people's lives.

    I, however, have no idea what this info is doing in a discussion about fake photographs. Funny how politics poisons everything it touches...

  46. the xo directory Said:

    Photoshop really changed the industries that rely in photography. Too bad some use it for faking.

  47. Tom Said:

    I think the most famous to me is the National Geographic cover shot that moved the pyramid, mentioned by FlyingTigress. This was before Photoshop was on the scene using Scitex equipment, no photographer involved. I asked the person who was the art director there at the time and he said it was no big deal, but they got lots of letters about it. It was the beginning of the end for photo-veracity.

    It is the one's you don't know about that should concern you. Ad agencies do it all the time . . . .

  48. LagunaDave Said:

    There were several faked photos by Hajj exposed during the Israeli campaign against Hezbollah. There was another one purporting to show an Israeli plane dropping bombs or missiles, but it turned out to be a flare which was duplicated several times in Photoshop:

    It was actually this photo that got Hajj fired, I think, after his improbable explanation for the first one was accepted by AP.

  49. Ernie Said:

    The founding fathers weren't liberals in the modern sense, nor were their political philosophies based "entirely on GOD." They were a diverse group of very enlightened thinkers who risked their lives to establish a beachhead for liberty and freedom in a world of European monarchical tyranny. Many were men of great faith, but their political ideas drew more heavily from sources like Plato and Cicero to Locke and Montesqueue than from the Bible.
    What about the photoshopping of a hijab onto a woman (who was otherwise free of head coverings) standing next to a Muslim leader on what I think was the Capital.

  50. Jerry Said:

    Where's the OJ Simpson time magazine photo?

  51. macgruder Said:

    Uncle J's DoG;
    Rumsfeld served, with distinction.
    from wikipedia:
    Military service

    Rumsfeld served in the U.S. Navy from 1954 to 1957 as a naval aviator and flight instructor. His initial training was in the North American SNJ Texan basic trainer after which he transitioned to flying the Grumman F9F Panther fighter. In 1957, he transferred to the Naval Reserve and continued his naval service in flying and administrative assignments as a drilling reservist until 1975. He transferred to the Individual Ready Reserve when he became Secretary of Defense in 1975 and retired with the rank of Captain in 1989."[10]

  52. Mark P Said:

    Wasn't there a Photoshopped photo of a Canadian soldier recently used to illustrate some Democratic campaign literature about how the Bushites didn't care about U.S. soldiers?

    And years ago, there was a fake photo of a giant wave about to swamp a German battleship in the Denmark Strait which was taken as authentic for decades.

  53. Phillip J Said:

    This one i pretty creepy too!

  54. PabloNH Said:

    Uncle Jef's Dog Said:

    Rumsfeld, served in the military? nope.

    Rumsfeld was a naval aviator from 1954-1957, flying a Grumman F9F Panther fighter. He remained in the Naval Reserve until 1975, when he be came Secretary of Defense and transferred to the Individual Ready Reserve, from which he retired a Captain in 1989.

  55. Justus Said:

    Soviet photoshopping, Stalin wanted to show that he was the only prodigy of Lenin, however, trotski was actually his follower. Here you see some nice vintage photoshopping:

  56. Nikko Said:

    I think this photot of a russian police officer may have been mirrored.

    Also, patriotism is to me a discusting word. In sweden, politicians get called on everything they do. At least 3 of the ministers have been fired och stepped down since the last election because the media and the people bring their bullshit to light (using tax money for candy or being the minister of culture and not paying for TV like everyone else is required to by law). I don't care if you're democrats or republicans because all those parties really are are election machines spewing out propaganda and both parties are far more right than even the most conservative swedish party. Also your democracy being the first in the world only means it's horribly outdated and obviously doesn't work. But that's just my two cents. Enjoy your liberty and justice for all.

    PS. I'm not a swede, just used Sweden as an example.

  57. ravenshrike Said:

    Actually, the founding fathers were liberals. However, no one who supports todays leftist politics can be considered a liberal. They may be considered socially liberal(for a given value of liberal) but they are not, in fact, liberals. They are progressives. There is a large difference. Of course the idea of being the party of progress is absurd once you look past the face of it, but thinking critically is not a leftist strongpoint.

  58. KBK Said:

    Political orientation isn't so simple:

    1. Conservative / progressive axis

    2. Socialist / capitalist axis

    3. Libertarian / authoritarian axis

    It's at least a three dimensional space. Trying to capture it in 1D ('liberal' v. conservative) or maybe a triangle ('liberal', libertarian, conservative) is impossible, I think.

    Me? 1: 50% 2: 90% capitalist 3: 50%

  59. RickD Said:

    The Photoshop Diet

  60. MoonbatBubba Said:

    Dunno if this has been mentioned above (scanned through the comments and couldn't find it so far) so i figured I'll put this one up.

    EuReferendum has a (lengthy!) piece where they dissect the "coverage" of the "Quana incident" during the recent war of Israel and Hizbollah.

    Although, lengthy, it's worth the read - if you've believed in the mainstream media's "right wing focus" up to now, this might change your mind. It did for me. The gist of the article is on the second page. Link:

  61. tyree Said:

    Thanks Jim C.
    I remember when that photo surfaced and some people tried to pass it off as a Photoshop. I never knew it had been proven to be authentic. I do remember that I used the zoom tool to look for cut and paste errors and couldn't find any.

  62. ANONYMOUS Said:
    Benjamin Franklin
    Thomas Jefferson
    James Madison
    Thomas Paine

  63. tim Said:

    What about the one with Leon Trotsky and Kamenev removed? It's only one of THE most famous "photoshops" in history.

  64. colin Said:

    I remember a picture in the Sun newspaper during the prelude to the Falklands War
    British Paratroopers exercising, running on the decks of the QE2 .
    The picture was squashed to make the trooper look more muscular, completely obvious.
    The Sun was always regarded as a comic, but it stooped to new lows then if it thought
    That picture would impress anyone with any intelligence or sense.

  65. Jyle Said:

    Another great fake is the V-Day photo in Times Square, NY.
    Just compare these two:

  66. Charlie Said:

    Huh? Those are two separate photos. Look at the top of the girl's heads - completely different angles.

  67. Mandi Said:

    These were some good examples. I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to research these and give the back story, not just slap a bunch of images up and let them go.

  68. Ruairi Said:

    Here's a classic from the day Iraq fell and they pulled down Saddam statue.

  69. bobbalinks Said:

    Lest we never forget poor CBS News who felt that Katie Couric would be more believable if she were more slim, check out the following:

  70. Bronson Said:

    I have seen a lot of these ones, but there are several in there I definitely had to share. I wonder how many people we gamed with these images?

  71. jay Said:

    @ Frank Dux Said:
    December 13th, 2007 at 3:17 pm
    This photo I found is great, this guy claims George Bush appeared in his Thanksgiving Turkey. Photoshop or Thanksgiving miracle? you be the judge...


    Reminds me on Dubya's visit to Iraq, serving the troops a plastic turkey:

    Not photoshoped, but fake nonetheless...

  72. Jan Said:

    The Iwo Jima Flag Raising by Joe Rosenthal vs the The Reichstag Flag Raising by Yevgeny Khaldei.
    Interestingly no one made a comment about The Reichstag Flag. Indeed it was staged by the photographer. I had the privilege to meet Mr. Rosenthal and hear the story from him. I like to correct one thing. It was not Mr. Rosenthal who removed the watches from the soldier's wrist but the censors back in Moscow. The negatives sometimes developed sometimes not would be shipped to the agency (possibly it was TASS or it's predecessor) Mr. Rosenthal was a de-facto employee of a Soviet war apparatus and had no control over the photographs after they were out of his hands.

    As to The Iwo Jima Flag Raising by Joe Rosenthal could someone point me to an authoritative source of information in regards to the facts and circumstances of that famous photograph. What in particular I would like to see are all the frames on the roll of film that the photograph was on. Until I see the film strip with all the frames I would assume that just like the Reichstag Flag the Iwo Jima Flag was staged by the photographer.

  73. Howling Wolf Said:

    The soviet flag photo you posted as original is a fake too, in fact this is the first manipulation; it can't be seen no smoke in the original one, there was no fighting when the shoot was taken...

  74. Karen Said:

    Tabloids also manipulate photos all the time. I remember seeing 2 different tabloids running an article on Michael Jackson and his wife Debbie. They used the same photo on their covers, but the photos were slightly different (I think an arm had been removed). The edit gave an entirely different slant to the photo on the second cover. One photo had a positive spin, the other a negative spin.

  75. Thomas Semesky Said:

    Fake photographs as well as fake or bias news reports. No wonder the public is rejecting all forms of journalism at an alarming rate!

  76. anton Said:

    Hang on, isn't it a Del Sol? The Miata has a different shape rear window I think.

  77. Denver Engagement Photographer Said:

    I just stumbled upon this post, pretty interesting stuff. I like the ww2 shot, and how it was old school photoshopped.

  78. Miranda Williams Said:

    some of the reasons behind having the canges done on these photos are just silly. like opra, why not just do a real picture of her. and Shirtless Sarkozy every one has some thing about their body that is not perfect.

  79. Dave Said:

    Of course the soldier is British the Yanks would have bigger guns and be shooting the people.

  80. Alan Haynes Said:

    Here's a famous one of a great white shark supposedly leaping out of the water and attacking a helicopter.

  81. Jenna Said:

    To Erfu and InRussetShadows.
    The raising of the flag at Iwo Jima was not staged. The photographer Joe Rosenthal simply captured the second flag raising of the day, there was a misunderstanding between Rosenthal and another that started these accusations.
    Also to stage a photo, even to portray a true event is not okay. It is unethical in the world of photojournalism and should be frowned upon in any situation.

  82. Andy Templeton Said:

    I was working at The Orange County Register on 9/11 and the photo from the top of the World Trade Center almost published on A1. I think it was on line for a while. What a crazy day.

  83. Portrait Photographers Said:

    Some of these I have seen before. Some great shots. What about the shark about to eat the helicopter?

  84. Devon Photographer Said:

    Great edits yeah it really looks like the original one, I'ved seen many articles like this one and I'm really amazed by editors who did all those editing.

  85. Photography Art Cafe Said:

    Manipulated photos from the Soviet Union are definitely the most sinister. Fake smiles on victims of forced labour etc. The edit here of dead people's watches being removed is really pretty grim.

    The John Kerry one is the funniest - something about his earnest expression!

  86. katahdin Said:

    One of the most ubiquitous photoshops of recect years is the photo of President Obama smoking. The photo was rotated to face in a different direction, as can be seen by the president's shirt button being on the wrong side. And the cigarette, despite being obviously lit, has no smoke coming out of it.

  87. David Wegwart Said:

    Love the 1945 one about removing the watches because "good soviet soldiers don't loot".

    I have removed several things, but the idea of taking away from an image, things that the subject has stolen never crossed my mind.

    Most removals in PS these days are of braces/retainers.

    Things sure change.

  88. Ben Gebo Said:

    Hey, don't forget the photo of Lee Harvey Oswalt in his backyard!

  89. David Wegwart Said:

    Ben, that one is still up in the air IMO. Doesn't it seem a bit suspect that we have not seen an negs.

    Anyhow, when I first became enthralled with photography, a mentor who shot industrial machinery and catering equipment showed me how to blow a negative to ungodly proportions, airbrush it, then scale it back for magazine ads. I could never tell they were "touched up", but all the offending reflections were gone. Amazing.

  90. Flob Said:

    Regarding the smoke in the last photo, dodging and burning as well altering contrast are pretty standard photographic techniques aren't they?

  91. Libby Said:

    You just have to love the clone marks on the Smoke of War. The odd thing is that to me, the original image actually speaks more. I gues this is what happens when amateurs try and enhance reality. Paid photographer or not, an amateur mistake.

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