The End Of Flash Photography?

Kodak has announced that it’s working on a new technology that could make flash photography redundant — at least some of the time.mural.jpg

The company is planning to add a new type of light sensor to its cameras to supplement those capable of registering red, green and blue wavelengths. The new pixel would be capable of seeing lights in all visible wavelengths which, matched with faster shutter speeds and higher resolutions, could increase a camera’s light sensitivity fourfold, Kodak says.

While that would certainly be welcome, the effect is more likely to be the freedom to ditch the flash in poor light rather than to ditch it altogether. At least for now. After all, if Kodak can make cameras see in the gloom, it’s only a matter of time before other companies start competing, bringing shootable light levels down even further.

So no more red-eye… but what would the paparazzi look like?

Mural by dh2.

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