RealPIX To Turn Realtors Into Real Photographers

Could this be the start of a whole new trend? We’ve seen lenses that are perfect for completing specialist jobs (whether that’s snapping a celebrity half a mile away or photographing a bug half a leaf away). But how about a camera designed for just one type of subject, one type of photographer and one type of shot?realpix.jpg

That’s exactly what RealPIX is offering with a camera created specifically for realtors.

The fixed 22mm, f2.0 lens offers a 90 degree field of view, the onboard memory can hold 400 640×480 JPEG images and the look is so ugly only a realtor could describe it as “desirable.”

According to the manufacturers, the RealPIX camera gives photographers everything they need to take pictures of interiors and exteriors for their catalogs: a wide-angle lens and a flash powerful enough to fill a room. With those two elements in place, a realtor can simply stand in the corner of each room and flash away.

Does that mean another potential source of jobs for photographers is about to dry up?

It’s not likely. Even if RealPIX takes off (and at $299, the makers might find the stripped-down machine a hard sell when it ships in July) Realtors will continue to take their own pictures of low- to medium-priced housing and bring in the pros when the commissions can be really huge.

After all, great photos always depend on the photographer, not the camera.

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