What Comes First: Community or Marketplace?

If you're visiting the Photopreneur Blog for the first time, welcome! Our goal here is to build a community of photography professionals, semi-pros and enthusiasts -- as well as media buyers and planners -- around the toolset of Photopreneur. If you've been to our home page, you'll see that we haven't launched the toolset yet:
Photopreneur is a photography marketplace portal that will connect photographers, bloggers, photo buyers, and photo enthusiasts. Our radical, new photography site is NEITHER a stock photo site nor a photo sharing site.
As we get closer to a launch that will allow us all to participate (I haven't used the tool yet - though I've seen the interface of it), here's what we're doing:
  • Looking for Guest Bloggers: Be it a recurring role or just a one-time thing - we'd like this blog site to belong to the community. We'll always link back to your blog. I'm just keeping things warm while we build a team of bloggers.
  • Photopreneur of the Day: Have a suggestion of a photopreneur (Wikipedia definition) we should know about? You can always suggest yourself.
  • Building a Blogroll: A few people have asked our sparse blogroll. Well, we're building things one frame at a time. If we get too many - we'll build a separate page. If you know a blog we must have on the roll - let me know!
If you have any thoughts or ideas to the above, let me know via email: [email protected]. Are you a Photopreneur? [tags]Photopreneur, Community [/tags]
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