Partnering For Portfolio Success

One of the biggest differences between top professional photographers and those just getting started isn’t just the prices they charge for their images (although that likely to be one difference). It’s the fact that professional photographers are usually team leaders as well as talented image-makers.

Assistants to set up the lights, hair and make-up stylists to beautify the models, art directors to help them define the look of the finished product for the client…you get the idea.

Amateur and hobby photographers however, have just one pair of hands to carry all the equipment, arrange the picture, organize the shoot and edit the image.

When you’re looking to earn revenue from your pictures, networking to create your own forms of partnerships can prove profitable. You might not be able to create an army of helpers but you can create marketing channels in which each side benefits. For example, take action photos in a local fitness center and provide free copies that the gym can use in its own marketing. That would be very simple.

But you could also team up with a graphic designer who can turn your images into creative newsletter templates, original websites or attractive posters. You could link up with a café owner so that you’ll have somewhere to exhibit your work — and they will have artistic wall decorations that carry a price tag. Or you could work with a programmer to turn your images into the background for a computer game.

The idea is to find someone who can add value to your photos so that each party will have a product to sell that you couldn’t have made alone. You’ll probably still have to carry all your equipment but now the checks might be hefty too.

What partnering or networking techniques have you used with success? Which attempts failed and why?

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