Use Outside Flashes To Banish The Shadows

Flash BulbIf you’ve been struggling with outside shots of people whose faces always seem to end up in the shadows, the solution is usually pretty simple. Move into flash range and you’ll be able to brighten up the shades with a quick burst of light.

You’ll even be able to take photos while facing the sun or in the middle of the day without telling your subject to move here, there and everywhere. All that darkness under their hat or the lines across their nose will vanish with the push of a button.

Very neat. But before you drag your family out into the midday sun and get ready to make them stars, remember that there’s very little commercial demand for images of friends and family. If you’re taking pictures of people, what they’re doing is always going to be more important than who they are.

A picture of a woman enjoying a glass of wine at a picnic for example, might sell to a buyer looking for an image of wine-drinking, outside excursions or summer dining. But not if you tag it: “Wife at ease.”

Always think of the action, not the subject, when you’re photographing people for commerce. Save the other kind of pictures for the family album.

Photo on Flickr by Belle’sDaddy

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