New York City Considers Shutting Out Photographers

Time is running out to prevent New York’s mayor from placing bureaucratic hurdles in front of photographers looking to take pictures within the city. According to the New York Times, the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting plans to pass new rules that would require photographers and filmmakers to obtain a permit before shooting on city property. The requirement applies to any group of two or more people photographing at a single site for 30 minutes or more and to groups of five or more shooting for a longer period than ten

The permits would be free but photographers would have to show proof of liability insurance with a limit of at least one million dollars, although they may request a waiver.

The city is accepting comments from the public until August 3rd, after which it will decide whether or not to apply the new rules as early as this summer.

A campaign group has been set up to protest the plan and an online petition has already picked up over 10,000 signatures.

Although the new rules won’t affect landscape and street photographers, they would hit any photographer shooting models in New York City. And where New York goes, other towns often follow.

Photo by swan-t

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