Moo Gets Sticky With Photographic Stickers

Moomoo-stick.jpg, a UK-based print company that lets photographers anywhere turn their photos into neat little cards, has added a new product to its range: stickers. For $9.99 (plus $2.99 for global shipping), photographers can now order 90 stickers, each containing a different image of their choice. The stickers come six to a sheet measuring around 85mm x 55mm — and shipping is free in July.

“Stickers were the number one most requested product from the MOO community,” explains Richard Moross, Moo’s CEO and Founder. “[We] are really excited that we can give the MOO community just what they’ve been asking for.”

One of the characteristics of Moo has been the imagination its customers applied to using their cards. Uses have ranged from traditional calling cards to key fobs, lamp shades and fridge magnets. One customer has even attached his to helium balloons and sent them flying around the United Kingdom. Richard expects his customers will apply that originality to their stickers too.

“I expect to see MOO stickers everywhere – on gadgets like cell phones, iPods, and laptops, or as a way to personalize stationary and invitations,” he told us. “I’m sure kids will be sticking them on lockers and text books too. Knowing how creative our customers have been with MOO products in the past means that we’ll probably see a lot of new and interesting uses for stickers that I never would have thought of myself. I’m sure in a few weeks our fans will dream up nifty uses for stickers, like making magnets, jewelry, dice or photo frames with stickers. I’m sure this just scratches the surface of what’s to come.”

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