Lara Jade Coton Files Suit

Lara Jade Coton, who we interviewed here, has filed a lawsuit against TVX Films and its president Bob Burge. The suit filed in Tampa, Fl., accuses Burge and TVX Films of copyright infringement, civil conspiracy, misappropriation of her image, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The suit also names a number of online retailers in claims for copyright infringement.ljade.jpg

Lara Jade, an 18-year-old photography student from England, had posted a photo of herself on deviantART. The image later turned up on the cover of a pornographic DVD called “Body Magic.” Lara Jade was 14 at the time she took the self-portrait.

When contacted, Bob Burge told Lara Jade that he had obtained the image from an adult freeshare website… but couldn’t remember which one. He also agreed to change the cover, claiming that it would probably increase sales.

“We’re asking a jury to award damages, including punitive damages, for the outrageous conduct of Burge and TVX,” Lara Jade’s lawyer Richard A. Harrison said. “We’re also asking the court to stop these pornographers from using the picture and to impound any copies of the movie or other materials on which Lara Jade’s picture appears.”

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  1. James Said:

    "Adding insult to injury," Harrison says, "the company had the audacity to
    blame Lara Jade for the disappointing sales of its porn movie."
    Bob Burge, president of TVX Films, told Lara Jade in an email,
    "Actually, removing your image will help improve the sale of the DVD. So
    far it bombed."

    What an effing sleaze.

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