BUY ALPRAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Facebook isn’t the best place for photographers to show off their images. Flickr is better known for serendipitous sales (and its tie-in with Getty) and searching Facebook for pictures, let alone shooters, purchase ALPRAZOLAM, isn’t straightforward. ALPRAZOLAM pics, But the site’s size and its constant growth have made it a popular destination for photographers. Some use it just to share their work. Others use it to exchange ideas and a significant number have found that the site can be an extremely effective way of generating extra income, ALPRAZOLAM natural.

Here are five of inspiring photographers we found on Facebook and the inspiration you can draw from them, BUY ALPRAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Be sure though to add your own favorite photographers on the site at the bottom of the list. ALPRAZOLAM photos, Kate Holt

Kate Holt is a Zimbabwe-born photojournalist who was inspired to take up journalism at the age of 19 while volunteering at a neglected Romanian orphanage for disabled children.

“Realizing that aid work touched the tip of much bigger issues, I turned to journalism as a way to expose these [issues] to a wider audience, ALPRAZOLAM overnight, and those with power to make a difference, ALPRAZOLAM interactions, ” she writes on her website.

She joined the BBC, studied photography and has since worked in Bosnia, DR Congo, is ALPRAZOLAM safe, Kenya, ALPRAZOLAM results, Moldova, Somalia and Afghanistan. Her work exposing the involvement of UN personnel in sex trafficking led to the resignation of Ruud Lubbers, ALPRAZOLAM class, head of the UNHCR, Buying ALPRAZOLAM online over the counter, and she has been nominated three times for the Amnesty Award for Humanitarian reporting, as well as the Prix Pictet Photographic Award.

Her Facebook page is now showing images from her Brothers in Arms BUY ALPRAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, exhibition being held in Nairobi, and contains shots of the African Union mission battling the Shabaab in Somalia. It’s work that should inspire other photographers to aim to make a difference too, ALPRAZOLAM pictures.

Chris Meyer

Chris Meyer’s images are much happier than those usually taken by Kate Holt. Buy ALPRAZOLAM from mexico, He’s a wedding photographer who had done much to pioneer the use of Facebook as a marketing platform for professional event photographers. Back in 2010, Chris told us that spending $1, ALPRAZOLAM brand name,000 on Facebook ads between December and March was enough to generate more than $100, Buy cheap ALPRAZOLAM no rx, 000 in new bookings.

And that was just his paid ads, BUY ALPRAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. He also discovered that tagging the faces of wedding guests, and inviting them to add more tags, doses ALPRAZOLAM work, enabled him to spread his photos naturally to friends and relatives of his clients. ALPRAZOLAM from mexico, It was a double-exposure of Facebook’s potential for at least one kind of photography, and an inspiration for other photographers looking for creative and cost-effective ways to promote their businesses.

Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Scott Wyden Kivowitz describes himself as a “portrait, travel and life photographer.” He used to own, ALPRAZOLAM dosage, the largest source of photowalks on the Web, Buy no prescription ALPRAZOLAM online, which he sold in 2010, and he still operates, a collaborative HDR blog, buy ALPRAZOLAM online cod. He’s an editor on HDR Spotting and writes guest articles for a number of photography publications including Outdoor Photo Gear, Purchase ALPRAZOLAM for sale,  Current Photographer and Mack Camera Blog. When he’s not shooting images used by newspapers, magazines and ad agencies in the American northeast, online ALPRAZOLAM without a prescription, he takes free portraits for low-income families. BUY ALPRAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, His Facebook page though is an inspiring example of just how much the site offers when all you want to do is show off your work. ALPRAZOLAM price, He answers questions on an active wall and on a dedicated question wall, discusses his images and links in a separate section to his blog. The impression is of someone who loves photography, cheap ALPRAZOLAM no rx, and loves talking about it with other photographers. Where can i find ALPRAZOLAM online, That’s inspiring enough.

Andrew Farrington

Andrew Farrington is a British photographer whose Facebook profile is worth checking out for his Jack Nicholson-style portrait alone. His other images of models in various poses, outfits and styles though are no less inspiring and they flow through his wall with regular updates that appear more often than new images on his blog, which is mostly empty, BUY ALPRAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

That might seem strange because Farrington has a professional website that shows off his portfolio as well as his personal work, ALPRAZOLAM duration, and which is notable for placing a link to his Facebook page alongside his image categories.

The overall effect is to position his website as a professional space for clients and his Facebook page as place where he can connect to photographers and talk about art. His Facebook bio, for example, is aimed specifically at other photographers and models, and pitches workshops in Manchester and London. For any top photographer who wants to discuss his work with other photographers — and perhaps teach them some of his or her tricks — Andrew Farrington’s profile contains both inspiring ideas and some impressive images.


All of the photographers listed so far have been professionals. Carl Thorburn is a 20-year-old amateur who shoots urban photography like a seasoned old pro. He has a portfolio site to back up his social media presence and a Flickr page that’s active even if it has few contacts, but it’s his Facebook page that seems to be showing the most life — including plenty of praise from admiring fans.

There are few creative marketing extras here. The bio says little about the photographer, let alone pitch for work, BUY ALPRAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. There’s no coherent message that a potential client could latch on to so that he could pigeonhole the photographer for a future job. But there is plenty of great photography shot by someone who likes to shoot for fun and does it well.

And that’s really what photography should always inspire people to do.

Flickr is still a better option for photographers who want to show off their work to other photographers and talk about it. BUY ALPRAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, It’s a place where buyers go to look for extraordinary images and where enthusiasts go to learn new techniques from people with similar interests. But they need to network, join groups and take part in conversations. Facebook has the advantage of hosting people who already know you and who are ready to say nice things about your images. There are plenty of talented photographers on the site and lots of great images. Now show us whose pictures you look at on Facebook.


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  1. Scott Wyden Kivowitz Said:

    Thank you for including me in this fantastic list.

  2. Justine Benstead Said:

    Great article! Always interesting to find other photographers on facebook, especially when they have talent! I am a hobbyist photog myself and looking at these pages is just a reminder of the breadth and depth of beauty in the world. Very inspiring. Thanks for the read!

  3. WedImg Said:

    Great article, and great list of photographers! I agree, it is hard to get randomly 'discovered' on Facebook. Facebook is more about connecting with your current fans, I find.

  4. Julia Kuzmenko Said:

    Great list!
    Thank you for introducing these amazing artist!

    Please, take a look at my work, maybe I deserve to appear in your list one day too? :)

  5. Angy Chesler Said:

    thanks for sharing. Great article. I am a wedding photographer in Hawaii and do post my favorite wedding pictures of each wedding on facebook. Can anybody give me an idea how to tag all the individual people? Do I need to write everybody's name down, or is there a better way?

  6. Boudoir Photography Said:

    Facebook has been our #1 marketing source since 2006 and remains to this day to be so. Although we hate it with a passion, dealing with forced changes without notice, etc, etc. Facebook pays our bills and puts all the kids through school. Facebook was never meant to be for photographers to show off their work .. it's a struggle but currently the best marketing tool (although you have to break all their rules if you want to actually use it to keep up with your competition)

  7. Marisol Fernandez Photography Said:

    Thank you for this article. It's informative and a great list. I'd love to be included on your list. I'm a fine art photographer and have many beautiful photos that I show on my Facebook fan page below:

  8. Kaoru Said:

    I must admit I have always admired Tracy Turpen's photography. Unfortunately she passed recently....

    mine is:


  9. John D'Auria Said:

    I think if you look up the group Frozen Photographers, Love of Photography, Photographers (New & Old) among plenty more photo groups on Facebook you will see there are a lot more, who love to just share their photos with there peers and trade ideas and information, Personally Frozen Photographers is my favorite photo group.

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