How Local Businesses Can Help Your Photography Business

Dental Economics magazine isn’t the sort of publication that photographers often pick up when they’re looking for ideas. That’s a shame, because a recent edition had some fascinating tips for dentists on how photography can help them build a practice.dentistsign.jpg

There were all sorts of ideas in there, from keeping pictorial records to creating images for a newsletter to helping the dentist prove that his bill was worth the money by showing the stunned client before-and-after pics.

But dentists are trained to drill and poke, they’re not taught to take photos. That’s where you can help. You might not want to shoot images of people’s left molars but you could certainly ask your local dentist if he wants some professional-quality before-and-after images. Or you could offer to manipulate a new client’s image in Photoshop to show what she’d look like after the surgery is over or the retainers have been put in place. Or you could, of course, offer to create the dentist’s portrait for his marketing material.

But why stop there? Lots of other businesses could benefit from these sorts of services.

What would motivate a fitness center’s clients more than seeing how much better they look halfway through a training program than they did at the beginning of it?

A bridal shop might be able to sell more dresses if a photographer took pictures of its customers then added different types of dresses in Photoshop to see which suits the bride best.

A hairdresser could place a record of his greatest creations on the wall of his salon instead of letting the do disappear in the shower after a day or two.

In short, if you want to create a local photography business, try knocking on doors of other local businesses too. If photography can help them earn more, they can help you earn more.

Dentist sign in downtown Kigali by jsdart.

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  1. Rjbatc Said:

    Talking about dentists not taking photos, my dentist´s office is all over decorated with his travel landscapes printed in large format and framed. I´ve got a cool dentist.

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