HispanicShots Supplies Niche Market…And Opportunities

Hispanic ShotsA new image site has just been launched to meet the demand for images of Latinos and Hispanics. HispanicShots.com is the work of marketing consultant Michele Cordoba, and was created in response to the lack of suitable Hispanic images that had made her life in advertising harder than necessary.

AboutTheImage quotes her as saying:

“I actually got the idea for HispanicShots.com a few years ago, after a desperate search for a health-care related shot of a Latino family that I needed for a new business presentation. I had been looking for weeks for something even remotely relevant, and could find nothing. I finally had to create the shot myself, calling in favors from a photographer friend, and using my husband and my best friend’s baby daughter as talent.”

There are opportunities here for photopreneurs. First, the site is apparently looking to grow its collection, and also wants to supply stock and custom photography. So if you have relevant images that would fit the site’s categories, it might be worth getting in touch.

Another opportunity is to look outside this niche category and think about those to which advertisers want to market and struggle to find images. Have a look yourself. Imagine that you’re a photo buyer looking to sell a product to other niche market.

  • How easy is it to find a suitable image?
  • Can you be a content provider and fill that need?
  • Are you tagging your images to make them findable for that niche?

If you struggle in finding something, you may have just found an opportunity. Collect and categorize the images and make them available.

As long as photo buyers are spending weeks looking for pictures — as they seem to be — photopreneurs shouldn’t have to go weeks without selling an image.

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