Get A Prize For Helping To Fight Discrimination

Send a photo into a competition and you’ll be helping the organizers to promote their agenda. That’s rarely a problem. Usually, the aim is to publicize the beauty of a particular area or show the world how exciting one type of sport can be. It might not be something that you care about deeply but it’s usually something that you can generally agree with.eurphoto.jpg

It’s rare that you get to help promote a cause that you actually believe in.

The European Photo Competition For Diversity is one of those rare competitions. The organizers are looking for photos that make “a creative statement for diversity, against discrimination.”

Photos will be judged on a range of different criteria which include creativity, originality and composition, but also “understanding of the anti-discrimination campaign context” and “pan-European appeal.”

The best entries will appear in an exhibition that will travel across Europe. The winner will receive a prize worth €3,000, the second-placed picture will net a prize worth €2,000 and the third place prize is worth €1,000.

All prize money must be spent on something related to the winner’s studies though. That’s because the competition is only open to students studying photography, art or design at a college in the EU. Everyone else is discriminated against.

The competition closes at the end of June.

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