Featured Photo Idea Of The Week: The Little Sneak

littlesneak.jpgMost creative photographers get their best ideas by thinking outside the box. Adam, who goes by the name El_Topo at Flickr, came up with one interesting idea by thinking inside the box.

The Little Sneak is actually a cardboard model of Solid Snake, a video game character who disguises himself by climbing inside boxes.

“I saw this papercraft template on my daily webcrawl,” Adam told us. “It piqued my interest because a) I follow the career of Solid Snake rather more closely perhaps than I should, and; b) precision cutting and folding was the mainstay of my last year at art school so my nostalgia gland was activated.”

Once the folding and pasting was done, Adam took the model into work (fittingly, a video game company) and placed it on the windowsill. A backdrop of sunlit buildings produced the drama, and in a final note of irony, the shot was taken using the chotto shot peripheral for the Sony PSP.

Sneaky maybe. But a great result that combines an unusual idea with a well-made model.

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