Featured Photo Idea Of The Week: Peek-A-Boo Snail

Wildlife photographers often have to wait a long time to get the shot they want. They might spend hours tucked into a hide with nothing but a thermos, an anorak and a long lens to keep them company, just hoping that some animal will turn up and do something interesting. peekaboo.jpg

Have pity then on people who photograph snails. They could find themselves waiting days for the creatures to move into position.

Alex Laurer, who goes by the name Mr. Bones on Flickr, is one such snail fan. After putting in the hours photographing the snails in his garden, he thought a little interaction could produce an interesting picture; he wanted to show two snails together instead of one.

“In my mind I had the lay-out and even the title figured out before I started
shooting,” Alex told us. “One snail ‘peekaboo-ing’ and the other just crawling along.”

It sounded like a simple plan but, snails apparently can’t read plans. They wouldn’t co-operate and Alex had to create a montage of two different snail pictures.

Anyone hoping to see the look on a snail’s face when it’s genuinely peek-a-booed then will just have to wait a little longer.

Photo of Peek-a-boo! I see you! by Mr. Bones on Flickr.

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