Featured Photo Idea Of The Week: Holy Mackerel!

Sometimes, all you need to produce a great idea for an eyecatching photo is to be in the right place at the right time with the right props.holymack.jpg

Find all that and there would be nothing left for you to do but put everything together and close the shutter.

That’s what happened when Lance Keimig found himself in a studio with his camera equipment, three assistants and a big painting of three very large fish.

Lance, who usually shoots night-time architectural scenes, was taking family portraits as a Mother’s Day benefit for Boston’s Photo Resource Center.

“I had a little time in between sittings, and was goofing around with the assistants, and trying to think up a way to incorporate this painting in a photograph when it hit me,” he explained. “I just lined up the women — notice how the one with the biggest hips is behind the biggest fish — and shot two frames. It was over in less than a minute, and I had the shot.”

A great use of local resources… and a great catch too.

Photo of Holy Mackerel! by skyephoto.

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