Featured Photo Idea Of The Week: Create Your Own Planet

In a recent featured Photo Idea, we showed how Archer Kelly, a photography teacher in Hilo, Hawaii, turned a local mountain top into something that looked an alien landscape.palebluesky.jpg

Seb Przd has also been busy creating planets with his camera, but his little worlds float in their own cloudy sky.

“The purpose is to simulate impossible lenses that show 360º horizontally and
180º vertically,” Seb explains.

To build the pictures (this photo is part of a large set of similar stereographic images), Seb takes several shots with a tripod and fish-eye lens, then turns them into a panorama with Hugin. A bit of post-production gives the scene a final lift.

“There are many ways in which these images can be then shown in a flat way (think of the different projections used in cartography), and the planet images are one of them,” says Seb.

Can you think of a different way to show them?

Photo of Out Of The (Pale) Blue Sky by Seb Przd.

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  1. betneys Said:

    This can be done in Photoshop, create a panorama pictures, add in PS, use Fliters-distortion-radio coordinate.
    When it comes to panorama stitcher, I recommend http://www.acropano.com

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