Featured Photo Idea Of The Week: Alien Landscape

Usually when you shoot a landscape, you want to capture a piece of the view and bring it home. You want to be able to look at the picture and remember what you felt when you saw the sun set, the water reflect the trees or the clouds form wonderful shapes in the sky.sunsetwithpoliahu.jpg

Sometimes though, the scene can go to your head and give you all sorts of strange ideas.

That appears to have been what happened when Archer Kelly, a high school photography teacher in Hilo, Hawaii, photographed two observatories at the top of Mauna Kea, a 13,796-foot high mountain. “Manual dexterity and reasoning slow with the lack of oxygen,” she explained, “and I get pretty goofy.”

Kelly shot the scene using the camera’s internal magenta filter and placed polarized sunglasses over the lens. Finally, she ran the image through Alien Skin’s Exposure program on a Kodachrome 64 filter to bring out the blackness.

The result is a picture that looks less like a scene on a Hawaiian mountain top than a hillside on Venus.

“Yes, these are the ideas borne out of a low oxygen environment!” Kelly admits.

Photo of “Sunset with Poliahu” by Archer Kelly.

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