Digg Users: We Want a Photography Section!

Lots of conversation circulating around Digg creating a special photography section. CenterNetworks created a firestorm of activity with this post, receiving 161 comments and 6849 diggs. At TechCrunch, Marshall Kirkpatrick weighs in with this SplashCast video of the top 1,000 photos on Digg:

While Digg adding a photography section could be great for photographers, a recent Bittbox article talks about the importance for working professionals in reading the comments on Digg.

“Since working professionals are also Digg users, they are also some of the ones leaving comments,” the blog says. “In fact, some comments are even better than the actual story.”

As Bittbox points out though, to find the valuable comments, you have to plough through a lot of nasty-looking disagreements. But it can be worth the effort to read the comments — and write them.

This article about using converging lines in photography, for example, generated a lively discussion on Digg. If you look past the snooty criticism about the effect being clichéd (the fun is in figuring out a creative way of using the effect), you can find some useful tips that go from basic (making sure no one’s in the frame and ruining the lines) to the advanced (macaddct1984’s comment about “tilt and shift” lenses.)

Of course, Bittbox’s advice cuts both ways. Just as amateurs can benefit from the advice of pros ready to post their tips on comments, so hobbyists can look professional — and win professional revenues — by providing tips based on their own experience. Offer some good advice about a photography issue and you can be sure that other readers will check your profile and look at your pictures. You can even place links to relevant examples in your comment.

With thousands of people checking those pages every day, Digg’s comment boards are an open invitation for some easy marketing… provided you’re prepared to pay with good advice.

And that applies to your Web pages too. When Rich Legg, a Utah-based amateur photographer, removed the glass enclosure from a light bulb recently and pictured the bulb burning out, he shot to the top of the Digg charts. The post contained both a spectacular photo and an explanation of how he achieved it. The result was an extra 180,000 hits on his blog… and the sale of the picture.

Put a post on your page that offers the same combination of extraordinary image and helpful explanation and there’s no reason why you can’t put your photos in front of as many people as Rich managed to do — and sell them too.

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