Catch A Sports Winner Behind The Scenes

We offered some tips recently for photographing sports, but there’s more than one side to physical competition. For every team that hits the field, there’s another team that organizes the schedules, drives the bus and cleans the kit. is a UK site set up help those nice volunteers who get amateur sport moving.runningsports.jpg

And they’re holding a photography competition.

The prize isn’t massive: a £250 (about $500) voucher at Jessops, and ten runner up prizes of £15 (about $30) vouchers at the same outlet. But it’s the fame that counts. Win and you won’t just get a chance to upgrade your photography equipment (or buy a new camera bag), you’ll also get to say that you’re an award-winner and there’s a good chance that you’ll get to see your picture in the press too.

What marks this competition out though is the variety of pictures the organizers want to see. Instead of pointing your lens where everyone else is pointing theirs, you’d be looking for the car park attendant or the officials’ changing room. The change and the creativity could be a lot of fun.

Top of the list of characteristics that the judges are looking for are “commitment,” “dedication” and “enthusiasm.” Next on the list are “variety,” “range” and “diversity.” Together, they seem to suggest that an image showing someone most people wouldn’t expect to be involved in sport working hard at their job should do well.

There is one more thing to note about this competition though, and it’s something that photographers have to pay attention to in every competition: according to the Terms and Conditions, claims complete rights to every image that’s submitted.

The competition is a nice way for them to build up their image banks.

Professionals aren’t likely to go anywhere near a competition like this, and if your pictures could sell, then it’s probably best not to submit them. You’d be giving valuable work away for free. But if you have some suitable pictures or you’re up for the fun of the challenge, then it could be worth a shot. The deadline is July 8th.

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