Can You Create A Better Photo Than’s?

One of the best ways for a rising photographer to begin building a name is to start winning competitions. It doesn’t matter whether your shot has been named Picture Of The Year or the winner of a school contest, just being able to say that you’re an “award-winning” photographer is always going to help build trust among buyers.betterphoto.jpg

Actually, that’s not quite true. It does matter which contests you win. But with the very top prizes, such as the World Press Photo awards, usually going to established photojournalists, a plethora of competitions have now been set up that are open to anyone who wants to enter.

All of them give both amateur and professional photographers a shot at an award and the publicity that comes with it.

This is the first post in what will be a regular series on photography contests that you can enter.

Before we talk about this week’s contest though, there is one important point to note.

Most photography contests are launched to help the organizers attract attention and help their customers. Some though are put on by publishers hoping to bring in free photos.

It’s always worth looking at the small print of a photography competition to find out what happens to the rights to your photo once it’s been submitted. It’s always worth thinking long and hard before paying any entrance fee to a competition. (If they’re displaying your photo, you should be demanding money, not them.) And it’s important too make sure you know who’s behind the competition and what they plan to do with the submissions.’s photography contest scores highly in all of these areas. The terms and conditions state that “[c]opyright of the image remains the property of the photographer. A photo credit with copyright symbol will be provided under your image.”

That’s exactly the way it should be, and in fact,’s contest is a model small photography competition. The prizes themselves are small: the first prize is an online portfolio that would cost you less than $20 a month to buy. But the honor is high, the monthly theme will push you to take pictures in areas you might not usually cover, and the effort will teach you new skills and techniques.

And that’s really the point. You’re not going to win a prize every time you enter a contest. But you should win knowledge.’s contest is a great place to start winning.

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