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Sometimes you don’t have to look too far when you’re wondering what photographs someone might be interested in buying.

In fact, if you own a Canon EOS, you might not have to look further than the camera itself.

EOS Magazine, a specialist photography publication published in the UK and aimed at owners of that kind of Canon, takes 80 percent of its images from freelancers. You don’t have to be a professional (although when it comes to the payment, that might help), and you don’t have to be commissioned (although you might be asked for more images in the future.) But you do have to take the shot with a Canon EOS. The make of the lens doesn’t matter so much.

Rates vary and range from £15 (c. $31) to £60 (c. $123) depending on the size of the image used. In addition, the magazine sometimes includes a double-page spread of one outstanding photograph. That image must be in horizontal format — and exceptional — and pays £250 (c. $516).

The payments are only for single reproduction rights — so photographers are free to continue to sell the image — but the magazine does not make extra payments for online publication. Submitted photos may also be added to EOS Magazine’s Picture Library and made available to other publishers. Photographers receive 75 percent of the sales fee, a higher commission than that paid by most stock companies.

According to Angela August, editor of the magazine, the publication receives between eight and twelve submissions for each monthly issue. That might sound like a very small slush pile when compared to the number of submissions received by other publications, but that could have something to do with technical nature of the magazine and the sort of images it needs. Angela told us:

As well as our specific requests, we are always in need of outstanding general images, and images which illustrate photographic techniques…

[Images should be] JPEGs which open up to around 20MB, unsharpened, accompanied by thumbnail printout and as much technical detail as possible.

Current demands, for example, include several different kinds of flash technique while more general needs range from extension tubes to Macro Ring Lites. Interestingly, foul-ups are also in demand… but only if they can be used in comparison to the correct version. Your misses are unlikely to be bought.

The most common mistake that photographers make when submitting images, says Angela, is that they:

Don’t read our Notes for Contributors properly.

That might not be entirely the fault of the photographers. Although the notes are online, the address is only delivered by email from [email protected]. We were asked not to publish it as the magazine likes to use the return address to notify photographers of future needs.

If you own a Canon EOS then and can shoot the sort of pictures that illustrate photographic techniques, the magazine should represent a good, long-term opportunity.

In fact, it’s two good, long-term opportunities.

In addition to taking photographs shot with the Canon EOS, the magazine also takes articles about the camera which are often written by photographers. These could be features about technique but also articles about unusual types of photography or even just general interest stories about an EOS user.

The pay for these can reach £150 (c.$310) for 1000 words in addition to the fees paid for the images.

It might pay then to come up with a good story idea and shoot the magazine a line.

As always though, the key to success is to do the research. Read the Notes for Contributors carefully, try to get hold of a copy of the publication to see what pictures they’ve used in the past and try to understand what the magazine might want in future editions. If you get all that right — and you’ve got the right camera — you could find yourself with a whole new outlet for your images.

Don’t have a Canon EOS? Try submitting to Blackflash or Digital Photo, and tell us about your experience submitting to photography magazines.

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  1. leila Said:

    thanks for putting this information out there---i'll definitely be looking into this.

    just a small question to clarify: in the antepenultimate paragraph, is the article "the" missing between "shoot" and "magazine"?

    i'm having trouble understanding the sentence, and i'm wondering whether it's because of sentence syntax or because of the missing "the", as in "It might pay then to come up with a good story idea and shoot the magazine a line"?

    thanks again,

  2. peter Said:

    How many megapixels do you need to submit stock or magazine pictures?
    Does a Nikon D200 cut it?

  3. Sherri Meyer Said:


    Yes, a Nikon D200 will serve you well, at least for now. I would recommend that you shoot in RAW or RAW and JPEG and at it's largest size.

    Hope this helps,

  4. peter szabo Said:

    Thanks Sherri,
    what digital equipment do pros use for magazine shots? What do you shoot with?

  5. Ho Wai Man Said:

    This sounds fantastic!

    But where, who, what do i need to do to submit my work to EOS Mag?
    I've using Canon for years and I lobe it to bits.
    Might buy myself a new canon (5D)

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