Amit Gupta Gives Photographers Strange Ideas At Photojojo

We’re not alone here at Photopreneur. Yes, we try to put an emphasis on the money side of photography — we want to help photographers turn their skills into income. But we’re certainly not the only site talking about cameras and pictures. There are about a zillion other sites offering reviews, tips and other information about picture-taking. amitgupta.jpg

Some of them are good. Some of them aren’t so good. But a few of them have some great, creative suggestions that you just can’t find anywhere else.

One of the sources that we really like is

This isn’t your typical blog or review site. It’s a twice-weekly suggestion sheet delivered by RSS or email. Each post contains just one idea but it’s the kind of wacky suggestion most other photo resources just don’t touch.

Like how to turn an Etch-A-Sketch into a photo frame. Or create photo cupcakes. Or build video panoramas.

The service has been running for just over a year and was created by Amit Gupta, an entrepreneur who has worked with Seth Godin among others. The idea is simply to share cool tips that other photographers are dreaming up.

“We love photos, and we’re always looking around for interesting things people are doing,” Amit Gupta explained to us by email. “I hope it’ll inspire people to take more photos and to do more with their photos. And to bring new people into the photo cult.”

It sounds simple, and for Amit it really is that simple. He started playing around with cameras in high school, experimented with the Apple QuickTake and once he graduated to digital SLRs, never looked back.

“For me photography is a way to preserve and remember and to capture fleeting beauty,” he said.

That sounds normal enough. It’s explaining how to put people’s faces on small cakes and eat them that’s strange.

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