American Geological Institute Photo Contest Discovers Treasures

If you think winning a photographic competition requires imagination and creativity, spare a thought for the people who have to come up with the contest’s theme. Every photographic contest reflects the agenda of the organization behind it, whether that’s the British Automobile Association’s attempt to get people driving around the UK or The National Wildlife Federation’s desire to make everyone behave kindly to American deer.earthsci.jpg

The American Geological Institute (AGI) however, appears not to have thought too hard about the subject of its photographic contest for Earth Science Week 2007. The subject is: “People Discovering Earth’s Treasures.”

“Many aspects of earth science get overlooked in our day-to-day lives – driving down the highway, walking along the street, and even in your own backyard. Earth science includes geology, oceanography, and meteorology, which focus on earth systems, rock and mineral types, natural hazards, weather, water resources, and energy. What is unique about your local area? What aspects of Earth science are most interesting to you? Be creative!”

says the competition’s guidelines. Not much guidance there then. It sounds like you could take a picture of practically anything — your back garden, the sky at night, a dripping tap — call it Earth Sciences and enter the competition.

So why don’t you?

The prize is $300 and the chance to say that you’re an award-winning photographer. Entry is free but AGI holds onto your pictures and says that it can do whatever it wants with them without paying you. So don’t submit anything you wouldn’t want to lose!

The deadline is October 5, 2007.

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