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We were contacted recently by the people at Moo. They were thinking of creating a special offer for Photopreneur’s readers and asked if we were interested.

We were ambivalent.

Photopreneur exists to help photographers make money, not to help photo services make money from photographers. But we asked Moo to come up with a special offer and told them that if we thought it could help photographers, we’d run it.This is what they said:

We gave it some thought and figured that your readers are the type to want to send highly personalized Holiday Greetings to friends, family or clients. We are therefore offering your readers an exclusive opportunity to buy 4 packs of MOO Uploader Postcards for the price of 3!

To make use Moo’s offer, you’ll need to enter the promotion code TY6FYG, order four packs of postcards before 30th November and use the uploader to place your own images. Each photographer can only use the offer once.

You Should Be Sending Cards To Clients

It was the bit about sending personalized holiday greetings to clients that attracted our attention though.

There’s an old saw about the price of finding new clients costing four times (or more) as much as the price of keeping old clients. But for photographers, jobs are often one-offs. A couple that has hired you to shoot a wedding isn’t going to hire you the following month to shoot another one.

But they might hire you a year later to shoot the pregnancy pictures. And then the christening. And then the children’s photos. And so on.

It’s very easy for photographers to see clients as single jobs, but it might be better to think of them in the same way that insurance brokers think of their clients: as lifelong customers.

The Holidays Are A Fantastic Marketing Opportunity

That means reminding your clients that you’re still around. It means staying in touch with them even in the long periods when you’re not shooting for them.

Holidays are the best time to do that.

You’ll never have a better excuse to send out a mailshot, with a sample, to all of your clients, past and present. At any other time of year, that mailshot would look like junk mail. At Christmas and New Year, it looks like a heartfelt greeting full of warm wishes for the season. Which, of course, it is… as well as being an effective piece of marketing.

You don’t have to limit yourself to the holiday season though. Clients’ birthdays and anniversaries offer the same opportunity. You’ll certainly know the anniversary date of your wedding photography clients. Send them best wishes on that day, and you’ll be giving them a reminder of the event itself.

And that brings us back to Moo’s offer. Moo is now offering greeting cards but at $19.99 for a pack of ten. Those might be fine for family and friends but as a business tool, they could be expensive for photographers with long client lists. The special offer that they’ve created gives you 80 postcards for $60.

If just one of those cards acts as a reminder to a previous client looking for a photographer, and gives you a job, the set will more than pay for itself. And even if it doesn’t result in a job immediately, seasonal greetings can also increase the chance of referrals and of landing other jobs in the future.

Whether you choose to use Moo’s cards or not, sending client greeting cards should be part of your marketing plan.

Take a look at Moo’s website here and see how other photographers use Moo at the company’s Flickr group.

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