About the Photography Community

What is Photopreneur?

Photography is changing. Digital cameras have made taking photographs easier, cheaper and even more enjoyable than before. The Internet has created whole new markets — and new ways of reaching those markets. And even mobile phones have made it comfortable to carry a camera everywhere and all the time — a habit that once only dedicated professionals indulged in.

Photopreneur exists to identify the new opportunities that these changes are churning up for professionals, hobbyists and for camera-owners who want to earn from their photography.

Those opportunities might take the form of new buyers, such as website designers and bloggers. They might be new marketing methods such as microstock sites or Flickr streams. And they might even be new photography products.

At Photopreneur, we try to spot those openings and talk to the people who have created them, the photographers who are using them and the buyers who are taking advantage of them. And we try to help other photographers make the most of them too.

Who is Photopreneur for?
Photopreneur is aimed at anyone who owns a camera. The relatively low cost of digital cameras has put the means to create professional quality images in the hands of almost anyone who wants to do so. Clearly, not everyone has the talent or the knowledge to create photos that sell. But some people do, not all of them are professional, and many would like to earn money from their skills. We hope to help those people generate some income from their photography.

Part-time photographers too should find plenty here, from new market opportunities that they might not be aware of to marketing techniques that they might not have considered.

And while we expect our professional readers to be already earning income and to have effective marketing strategies in place, we hope that they too can find inspiration here and ideas that can help their businesses grow.

Who Creates Photopreneur?
Photopreneur is put together by people with decades of experience at the highest level of professional photography, in collaboration with marketing experts and best-selling marketing writers. We believe that earning from photography requires a combination of technical skills, business knowledge and marketing creativity. We like to think our team, together, can provide that.

What is a Photopreneur?
A photopreneur is anyone who wants to earn income from their photography, whether as a full-time professional or as an occasional photographer. It’s anyone who can turn their skills behind the lens into cash. It’s you.

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